Cod Fish Specialty House – Phoenix Road (Moved)

(Cod Fish Specialty House has moved out of its premises at Phoenix Road and Bukit Batok Street 52 location. It is now situated at Bukit Batok Street 23 Industrial Park A; updated address listed below)

Located up on a slope off Choa Chu Kang Road, Cod Fish Specialty House is a rather hidden Chinese Tzechar style restaurant in the west that perhaps only the residents around the area would know about.

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Cod Fish Specialty House is a restaurant that operates under a worker’s dorm that serves a variety of cuisines; mainly Thai and Hing Hua cuisine, with popular Chinese tzechar dishes on the menu as well. Its specialty though is apparently the Cod Fish Steamboat which comes in several variants. Perhaps it could be due to its location, the restaurant and its outdoor seating area which is sheltered and takes up part of the carpark of the compound somehow replicates Malaysia, so it does give off a different vibe overall.

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(Stir Fried Sliced Yam)

First to arrive the dining table was the Stir Fried Sliced Yam, a traditional Heng Hua delicacy. On first look, the sliced yam seemed a tad larger than others we had tried; more chunkier somehow. These instantly became a hit on the table when everyone tried their first stick; each stick comes coated evenly with sweetness, and is crisp while remaining its yam flavours inside. Interestingly it seemed that the yam sticks beneath the batter was also sweetened, hence the stronger flavour here that made them so addictive.

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(Cod Fish Steamboat)

The arrival of the Cod Fish Steamboat got us really excited, and we were rather amazed how they used charcoal instead of solid fuel to keep the soup warm. It came with a generous amount of cod; all deep-fried but tender, succulent and bouncy without becoming a mush given being submerged in the soup. The soup was also refreshing with every sip as it had absorbed flavours from the cod, seaweed and even Chinese herbs such as dan gui and gou qi zi which is pretty nourishing.

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(Hing Hua Fried Bee Hoon)

What is going to a Hing Hua restaurant if you are not ordering the Hing Hua Fried Bee Hoon? Admittedly this is not the best we have tried, but it did managed to absorb a subtle flavour from the broth that it was cooked in. My favourite touch was the dried seaweed which tasted really similar to Tao Kae Noi; crisp with a bit of saltiness from the sea.

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(Sambal Kang Kong)

Sambal Kang Kong was pretty delicious, but more of what you would expect out of it. Greens were crunchy while the sambal was savoury and spicy; perhaps they could have cooked the sambal drier for it was a tad too wet that evening.

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(Deep Fried Prawn Fritters)

A dish that puts tze char restaurants to test is the Deep Fried Prawn Fritters, or more commonly known as hae zhor. The five spices flavour was strong with this one, and it is also pretty well stuffed with meat and tight as well. Crisp to the bite, dip it into the accompanying soya sauce for some sweet-savoury goodness.

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It is probably hard to call Cod Fish Specialty House one of the best tzechar in town, but this is one spot which I find serves pretty much food there is worth making the trip down for. Their specialties are done well, and their other dishes do have the quality and flavours too. Because of where it is located, it evokes different vibes that you do not really expect from other places. The owner and the staff also are very hospitable, helpful and responsive while the owner makes the effort of going around each table to strike a conversation be it the table filled with regulars or first-timers; he claims you could see the jets fly past his restaurant whenever there is NDP rehearsals. An honest and humble tzechar restaurant, this is a great place that is good for big groups be it family or friends to chill out and have something warm and comforting for dinner. I would be back some other day for the Cod Fish Steamboat, as well as the other Hing Hua dishes too. 🙂

Codfish Specialty House
2 Phoenix Road
Singapore 668156

Blk 537 Bukit Batok St 52
Singapore 650537

2019 Bukit Batok Street 23 Industrial Park A
Bukit Batok Eating House
Singapore 659524

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