Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts – East Coast Road (Moved)

(Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts had moved out of Brunner’s Coffeeshop and its subsequent location at Chai Chee Technopark. It is now located at Marine Terrace; updated address listed below.)

Located at an unassuming coffee shop at the junction of Jago Close and East Coast Road, it is easy to miss this hidden gem if you are just passing by and not paying much attention to them for how normal it looks and even the stall name does not disclose much, except that it is a “Traditional Roasts” stall.

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We were brought by a friend who has a crazy obsession over anything roast (come to think, we are too), and it was all of our first time trying this stall. The stall offers pretty much what other roasts stalls offer, from Roast Chicken/Duck/Pork and a variety of carbs to go along such as rice, egg noodles and even Ipoh Hor Fun.

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(Roasted Chicken, Roast Pork and Roast Duck)

We had a go at three different types of meat; mainly the Roasted Chicken, Roast Pork and Roast Duck following the recommendations online. All three were delectable, but in particular the Roast Chicken stood out more than the other two; the skin was crisp, but did not carry a “fried” feel that most Roast Chickens out there seem to carry. Meat was also really tender and succulent, pretty much unlike the usual dry ones that we get from other stalls. Roast Duck had a glistening skin, and crackles when chewed upon, coming with succulent meat that was juicy. Roast Pork was more on the lean side, though still has a substantial amount of fatty meat. We loved how the smoky flavours were not too heavy but were still savoury with the crisp skin that came along.

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(ABC Soup)

I am not one that is particular into soup, but the ABC soup is not only just refreshing; it had this really familiar household flavour that resembles mum’s cooking. Not only would this work on a rainy day, but definitely a soup that is heartwarming as well.

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(Ipoh Hor Fun)

If anything, we also enjoyed how the Ipoh Hor Fun was executed as the dish endured our gruelling photo-taking session without turning into a clumpy, soggy mess. The light savoury gravy was spiked with a mildly spicy chili sauce which really complemented the slurpy rice noodles.

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As the local Singapore food scene veers towards fine dining restaurants and hipster cafes, owner Pauline Ong does worry for how youngsters these days would not appreciate good local food such as their roasts as their palates are skewed towards western cuisine. While times have changed, we are glad to be able to have a taste of hawker food that is served true from the heart, with the passion of sharing what they believe roasts should have been; this spirit is something many commercial restaurants and cafes cannot replicate. We were really welcomed by their hospitality, where they shared stories of their journey and their beliefs, as well as their impeccable service especially for a hawker stall, and it is a meal that we enjoyed and would look forward to having again.

(PS: Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts would be moving from its current location at 228 East Coast Road to Chai Chee Technopark 750E Foodcourt. The last day of the current premises is set at 29th July 2015, and the new location would be opened on 30th July 2015)

Siang Yuen Traditional Roasts
Chai Chee Technopark
750E Chai Chee Road
Singapore 469005

Siang Yuen Traditional Roast
Blk 59 Marine Terrace
Singapore 440059

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  1. sgfoodonfoot says:

    FYI, they have moved to Chai Chee already

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Yeap; we visited them a few days before they were going to move over 🙂

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