Brawn & Brains Coffee – Guillemard Road

By now I guess a lot of people would have known that Brawn & Brains is one of my favourite spots to chill and have a cup of coffee especially for those who had been following my Instagram for a while. Closed a few weeks back, Brawn & Brains Coffee is now back into full swing, now having moved from the side corner unit to the front unit facing the main road replacing the unit left empty by an organic hair salon.

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With the new space, Brawn & Brains Coffee is now brighter and more spacious; the space had since increased to approximately three times its previous size. Three communal tables now take the space in front of the counter, with smaller tables located around the corners of the cafe. While keeping the simple and minimalist feel for the decor, the new space seems to make more use of raw elements such as wood, cement and metal for furnishings, with vibrant splashes of yellow to spruce up the visual appeal. We had been there a couple of times, from the days where only coffee is served through the first day food was served unofficially. The food menu still bears favourites from the old space such as the Pepperoni on Sourdough and pastries such as the tarts and Earl Grey Croissant that we are familiar of. There are plans for a wider variety of food items that are new, though it would be a more progressive process.

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(Curry Chicken Wrap)

On the first day where they served food, we had decided to give the Curry Chicken Wrap a try. It was everything that we had remembered about the one from the old space; the thin and crisp wrap which was pressed under the Panini-grill, which encased the Curry Chicken which was marinated with curry spices and a yogurt dressing which gives the classic spicy and zingy flavour which many loved. Fresh greens are also included as per the one we have had in the past for that healthy mix of meat and greens, as well as the chips at the side.

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(Cinnamon Swirl)

Cinnamon Swirl is also another familiar pastry for those who visit Brawn & Brains regularly. The buttery pastry was delightful as it swirls down into a heart filled with cinnamon in the middle. Simple yet comforting, this works extremely well with a cup of coffee for the afternoon tea break.

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(Flat White)

For the coffee, Brawn & Brains Coffee still serves two types of beans in their hopper; a house-blend named “Pen & Pencil” and a rotating single-origin. They intend to offer three different types of beans in the long run. Peru single-origin was something that had been served in the old space for a few runs before, but the Pen & Pencil blend is a completely new blend roasted in-house by the folks of Brawn & Brains. It is a mix of Ethiopian, Columbian and Brazilian beans which is said to exude a nutty, milk chocolate flavour with Stone Fruit tones.

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Brawn & Brains Coffee may have become bigger than what it had used to be, but its character remains unchanged. It is simple, honest, modest and humble. No doubt it is no longer the tiny nook and the hole-in-the-wall that it used to be, but the business model remains unchanged; serving the community with quality food and coffee that is simple and comforting. Nearly two years ago, I remembered walking into the old space for the first time calling it “a cafe with strong character and soul” and that it “definitely won my heart”. Two years on, I am glad they stayed true to what I perceived them to be like, and I am also happy that they did not just win my heart, but also the community surrounding them; the residents, the neighbours, their regulars and those who have yet to visit them that would do in the future. Congratulations on the grand opening of your new space Gwen & Xavier, and may this journey bring you all great joy and more memories of everyone from all walks of life!

Brawn & Brains Coffee
100 Guillemard Road
Singapore 399718

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