The Tiny Roaster – Blk 106 Clementi Street 12 (Closed)

(The Tiny Roaster had since ceased operations.)

Still remember the zen and serene coffee studio situated at West Coast some time back that focuses on handbrewed coffee named The Tiny Roaster? They have since shifted to Sunset Way, and with the move came a bigger, more spacious studio amongst famed seafood restaurants and steakhouses in the area.

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The space may have expanded, but one look and you could tell its them. Black walls with bench seating filled with pillows, a retail rack full of coffee-related merchandise and the signature communal table with handbrew equipment as the centrepiece, the zen atmosphere hadn’t changed much. It still houses an in-house roastery, where some of the blends are still roasted in-house. While they now serve only a limited amount of food (only Dark Chocolate Tartlets are available during their pre-opening), they still kept to their beliefs serving only food that would not disturb the flavour profile of the coffee such as desserts.

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(The Iced White Brew)

Went with the usual which I would order at the West Coast outlet; and it comes with the same The West Steet blend that they used to serve in the old place.The Iced White Brew now has a more balanced proportion of milk (perhaps a fresher batch of beans is used), therefore leading to a medium-bodied cuppa which carries a nutty flavour. As per the old outlet, they still serve those thoughtful ice coffee spheres for their Iced Brew, which helps to retain or even enhance the taste of the coffee when it melts rather than using regular ice cubes that would result in diluting the cup of coffee.

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Many cafes have been expanding over the past few months, and The Tiny Roaster is one of those that had stayed true to themselves despite their expansion. Sticking to what they believe in, they are still like what they were in the past; passionate about coffee and serving up handbrewed coffee that they take pride in. For those who love handbrewed coffee, or those who have been their regulars as well as coffee lovers, this is the spot to visit; I will definitely be back again some day considering it being more accessible than the old place!

The Tiny Roaster
Blk 106 Clementi Street 12
Singapore 120106

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