Le Kue – Haji Lane

Le Kue is yet another cafe that had recently sprouted up in the Kampong Glam region where there is no lack of cafés.

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Being more of a patisserie, Le Kue serves no hot food, and the cakes in the display shelf are the only items available. Coffee and other beverages are also served here to go along with the bakes, with coffee being from Nespresso.

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(Chocolate Choux)

We shared a Chocolate Choux which came in other variants such as Coffee or Vanilla. Choux Pastry was a slight dense and too moist, somewhat turning into a cake-like texture though still remain a slight sponginess of a puff. However, the insides were well-filled with a generous amount of chocolate cream which was not too sweet, making the Choux rather palatable.

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(Le Globe)

Le Globe is one of the more intricately designed desserts here. Essentially a chocolate sphere encasing caramalised banana inside, it sits atop a Brittany Cookie which is used as a base. A cut through the chocolate sphere reveals the thick and rich chocolate ganache, and the smooth and sweet mushy caramalised bananas within. The Brittany Cookie were a bit of a a let down due to its blandness and slightly limp texture; perhaps they could swop out with a chewy chocolate flavoured cookie similar to Subway’s cookie for better texture and taste. Overall, a good attempt in fusing a classic combination together, keeping it elegant and luxurious at the same time.

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(Rose Marshmallow)

Le Kue also does a few other desserts such as the Creme Brûlée and Marshmallows like these. There are several flavours available but we decided upon the Rose Marshmallow. We found the Marshmallow pretty soft and pillowy, with a very light touch of Rose that some might fail to detect. Probably it would do better by being just a wee bit stronger without having it being too sweet.

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While Le Kue does have some room for improvement for their food, their desserts does show the effort that they have placed. Service was pretty friendly as well. It would be good if they would consider serving specialty coffee however; most of their neighbors are full-fledged cafés that serve specialty coffee. Still, Le Kue is a spot worth visiting if you are around the vicinity looking for sweet treats to pamper yourself with.

Le Kue
20 Haji Lane
Singapore 189213

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lekuesg


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