Nam Nam Noodle Bar – Suntec City Mall

Starting off as yet another concept by the Les Amis Group, Nam Nam Noodle Bar had proven with the test of the time that it is becoming one of Les Amis Group’s most popular yet affordable brand.

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Nam Nam Noodle Bar started off as a Vietnamese eatery serving up both Bahn Mi and Pho with other traditional Vietnamese noodles, and even had spawned off another brand that focuses on Broken Rice Bowl a named Comnam which is situated within Raffles City. The Suntec City outlet is perhaps one of the most spacious outlet for Nam Nam Noodle Bar, located within a shop space instead of located along the aisle like the Raffles City and Wheelock Place outlets.

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(Beef Ball Pho)

It was our first visit to Nam Nam, and my dining partner tried their Beef Ball Pho. Interestingly, Nam Nam offers two types of noodles with their Pho; Rice Noodles or Instant Noodles. He had opted for the Rice Noodles, which were well-executed as they were chewy without being cooked to all mushy and sticky. Broth was light, with subtle flavours coming in from the greens and chili and you could also choose to add a variety of sauces such as Hoisin sauce, Chili sauce or Fish sauce to flavour up the Pho. Beef Balls were also pretty impressive; all of which were huge and came without any trace of gaminess.

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(Sauteed Lemongrass Pork with Cream Cheese)

I was more interested in the Bahn Mi, so I had a Sauteed Lemongrass Pork with Cream Cheese variant. One thing that made Nam Nam’s Bahn Mi so good was the bread; crusty on the outside that it was crisp yet light on the inside. The pork was reasonably moist and came with pickled vegetables that added a juicy crunch and a tangy flavour that freshens up the tastebuds. While it sounds odd on first impression, the Cream Cheese seemed to act more like a Mayo here being creamy and more savoury than expected. Would definitely want to have the Bahn Mi again when I make another revisit to any one of their outlets again!

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(Crispy Fried Chicken Wings)

Doused in a caramalised roasted onion flavoured fish sauce, the Crispy Fried Chicken Wings were really similar to the likes of Korean Fried Chicken; crisp skin, tender and juicy meat smothered in a thick, sticky and gooey sauce that is savoury and replicated the soy sauce used for Korean Fried Chicken. Each piece remains addictive, and when it gets overwhelming there is always pickled vegetables at the side that gives the needed juicy and crunchy tang for you to go on.

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(Vanilla Pudding with Palm Sugar Caramel)

For dessert, we chose the Vanilla Pudding with Palm Sugar Caramel. Pudding was smooth and vanilla flavours were pretty evident, but we thought the palm sugar caramel had a rather overwhelming sweetness that seemed to have covered off the pudding somehow.

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Despite it being our virgin trip to Nam Nam Noodle Bar, we could easily see the reason why it remains popular. Portions are reasonable, with prices rather affordable yet food quality is still being maintained, setting their standards right since Day One. This is one of the very few commercial restaurants around that you would probably see me return to.

Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Telephone: +65 6884 5677

Web Page:


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