Density Frozen Custard – Short Street (Closed)

(Density Frozen Custard had since ceased operations.)

Density Frozen Custard may look like yet another ice cream parlour, but it actually is the first shop in Singapore to bring in the concept of Frozen Custard into Singapore.

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Frozen Custard is slightly different from the usual ice-cream; Frozen Custard contains less air content so as to achieve a smoother, creamier texture that is denser than ice-cream, and the use of natural stabilisers such as egg yolk keeps sugar and fat content low, thus making it a healthier version to have. In soft launch stage, they only serve their Frozen Custard in cups and have options of few toppings to choose from, though waffles and beverages such as coffee are also in the pipeline.

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(Matcha, Vanilla)

There were only two flavours available on the day of our visit; flavours are rotated on a daily basis and freshly churned daily. We had both the Vanilla and Matcha; both of which were really creamy and smooth yet rich in their flavours while being reasonably sweet. Its more flavourful than the usual ice-cream and all velvety smooth, but the downside was that it melted a tad quicker too. Overall it was a pretty decent sweet treat for the hot sweltering heat.

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We were pretty interested to try their coffee, so the owner actually prepared a complimentary cup of Affogato for us to try as they are still in the midst of learning the ropes. Density uses a blend from Two Degrees North Coffee Co, a new roastery that had recently been established in Singapore. The espresso shot was pulled pretty strong so as to compliment the sweet and rich flavours of the Vanilla frozen custard. While it was pretty decent at the start, the espresso shot’s chocolatey tones was also accompanied by an acidic aftertaste that somewhat lingered in the mouth while we were finishing it, which was actually rather siap. The owner is still trying to balance the flavours out, which should be rather decent when they launch their coffee soon.

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We did enjoy their Frozen Custard, but one thing we had problems with was about their operations; in fact it is not just them, but most places that are in the soft launch stage. We do understand that it makes patrons know what to expect during the full launch and if possible, attract them back after the official launch, but it is also hard not to get disappointed by getting rejected a million times with multiple items unavailable. Perhaps one way is to state only the items available and get the staff to interact with the patrons about future plans so as to minimise such instances from happening. While it is a place to consider visiting if in the area, it would be interesting to see how Density Frozen Custard would fare in time to come, especially with so much competition from the likes of Milkcow, Nookie Yogurt and Merely Ice Cream in the area.

Density Frozen Custard
4 Short Street
Singapore 188212

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