Mavrx Coffee Apothecary – Duxton Hill

Duxton Hill has always been an area that is usually assoictated with fine dining and gastropubs; Mavrx Coffee’s entry into Duxton Hill definitely managed to attract executives to the area for their cuppa.

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Owned by Crucycle, Mavrx Coffee is a simple space decked out in wooden furniture and monochrome colours with mirrors around to create an illusion of a bigger space. It ia actually a rather creative concept as Mavrx Coffee serves as a lobby to the rented office space behind the counter. Menu is simple and no frills; only coffee is being served and categorised in Black or White with option to add another shot and iced version is available. Plans of serving light bites such as sandwiches and pastries are on the way.

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Mavrx Coffee uses a Quattro blend for their coffee, whIch uses beans from Colombian, Sumatran, Brazilian and Guatemala, which is creamy, smooth and soothing with its light body with earthy notes.

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In the current era with bistros and cafes now serving brunch fare that are all fanciful and innovative, it is great to see places like Mavrx Coffee bringing back the hole-in-the-wall concept where people stop by to get coffee, and perhaps have a small chat or two with strangers and the barista. Let’s wish Mavrx Coffee success in the future, for it had served us a reminder of what cafes should be; honest, unpretentious spaces where people meet.

Mavrx Coffee
1A Duxton Hill
Singapore 089587


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