Crown Bakery & Cafe – Crown Centre

Bukit Timah seems to be an area that is uprising yet again in the cafe industry, especially with new players such as Bing Go Jung Korea Dessert House and Rise & Grind Coffee Co being newly opened in the area.

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Crown Bakery and Cafe is yet another cafe that had recently opened in the area, though it is located a distance away from where most are situated. Being a bakery, there is an emphasis on breads; Crown Bakery offers a variety of flavoured loaves such as the Hainanese Chicken Bread; bread flavoured with chicken soup boiled from chicken bones and skinless thigh, garlic, ginger, shallots and lemongrass which tastes really identical to chicken rice. Apart from the loaves that are baked in-house, they also do serve a small selection of brunch grub, as well as desserts too.

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(Matcha Brioche)

One of my dining partners wanted to try their Brioche, which we settled for the Matcha Brioche. Light and fluffy, the Brioche was perfumed with a strong green tea aroma which gave it a fragrant bitter flavour that is signature of green tea. Makes for a good light bite for the tea-time treat, and would definitely be a hit amongst Matcha lovers.

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(Crown Breakfast)

Crown Breakfast is a big breakfast platter that consists of bacon, cheese sausage, sauteed mushrooms, mesculun salad, braised oxtail, tomato and a Crown Puff Pastry that features an egg in the middle. Most of them were pretty decent, but the more impressive items would be the tomato; juicy and bursting with tanginess, the sauteed mushrooms which was flavourful yet juicy, braised oxtail that was really tender and came off from the bone and did not taste too gamey and not forgetting the Crown Puff Pastry where the egg was flowy and the puff pastry was flaky and crisp.

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(Earl Grey Pear Bread Pudding)

A rather innovative dish, the Earl Grey Pear Bread Pudding could be however rather controversial to some. Earl Grey fans would definitely love it for it is thoroughly soaked in earl grey aroma, with the bread pudding soft and custardy and a crusty top. In between lies the poached pear; soft yet retained its crunch. The first few mouthfuls can be rather awkward tasting, but this is one dessert that takes a while to get used to. Eventually my shameless self got the better of me as I ended up taking almost the entire portion of it that belongs to my dining partner.

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With many innovative creations under its belt, Crown Bakery & Cafe is not just a typical cafe that does its bakes in-house. It is a place meant for adventurous tastebuds, for those who want to try something new. While some of its creations may not appeal to all, do have an open mind when you give them a try. They seem to have a niche in tea-infused items as shown in the Matcha Brioche and the Earl Grey Pear Bread Pudding, though certain dishes such as the Crown Breakfast may come across as overpriced. Still, Crown Bakery is a spot to check out; even more so if you are in the area.

Crown Bakery & Cafe
Crown Centre
557 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269694

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