Red Baron – Malan Road (Closed)

(Red Baron had since ceased operations.)

Situated in Gillman Barracks, it is pretty interesting to see a cafe like Red Baron sprouting up in the midst of an area that is filled with fine dining and gastropubs.

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Red Baron is a cafe that is intended to serve brunch in the day, while it turns into a bar in the evening. We visited Red Baron during their soft launch after their kitchen started operations, thus the limited items served on the menu. Interestingly, despite being situated in an upscale area, Red Baron’s menu is priced rather reasonably; perhaps even lower than certain overpriced cafes.

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(Eggs on Toast)

Eggs on Toast comes in several options here; poached, scrambled and sunny side-up, served atop toast and with roasted vegetables. We opted for the scrambled eggs, which we found to be quite creamy and runny. Add pepper and salt so as to flavour the eggs up. Toast were fluffy, light but crusty, and roasted vegetables were juicy and crunchy; a great switch from the usual garden salad which most other cafes would offer.

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(Flat White)

Flat White is smooth and had a mediun body with a earthy and chcoolatey flavour profile. Red Baron uses blends fron Liberty Coffee to ensure the quality of their coffee.

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Having had only two items on the menu, I guess it would not be too fair to make a really conclusive overview of Red Baron. We did like the food, but despite being rather decent, Red Baron seemed to lack a certain wow-factor in their food to be able to draw crowds. Perhaps they could finetune their recipes, or maybe come out with a dish that differentiate themselves from others. Apart from that though, Red Baron is a pretty cosy spot to chill, which makes it a great spot for a lonely brunch to relax, and get away from the hectic and busy schedules on a slow weekend.

Red Baron
Gillman Barracks
45 Malan Road
Singapore 108937

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