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The Cookyn Inc. empire seems to be aggresive in their expansion lately; having GRUB spawning off a noodle bar concept named GRUB Noodle Bar and now FIX cafe to spin off a grill restaurant concept named FIX Grill.

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Unlike GRUB and GRUB Noodle Bar, FIX Grill shares the same grounds with FIX cafe; you would need to walk through FIX cafe to reach FIX Grill. As such, the space for FIX Grill is in fact way smaller than FIX cafe. Being a bistro with a focus on grill, the menu consists of sides such as salad and mains such as grilled meat and pasta, with a few desserts. They also serve skewers; one item recommended by the staff after our meal so do not miss that out if you visit!

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(Salmon with Wild Rice)

My order was the Salmon with Wild Rice, an item I had eyed upon when I chanced upon their menu online. The Wild Rice are the black grains, which seemed to be cooked with a few chili flakes to give a light spicy flavour to the earthy grains and compliment the slight tangy Romesco sauce. Salmon was seasoned with salt and grilled, smoky and savoury with the signature flavour of the fish, which was really flavourful and fresh. One dish that I would not mind ordering if I were to make a repeat visit here again.

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(Slow Roasted Chicken)

My dining partner ordered the Slow Roasted Chicken. Essentially a half chicken brined and slow roasted with Porcini Cream Sauce, the Slow Roasted Chicken was surprisingly tender and juicy even for the breast, with light savoury flavours. However, the Porcini Cream sauce was a tad too thick and creamy, while the Sautéed Kale that came with it as a side were decent when warm so do eat it before it turns cold. It also came with a side of hand-cut chips that is fried in-house; all of which crisp and not too greasy which was really addictive. I ended up finishing the chips despite it being my partner’s order.

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(Bergamot White Chocolate Mousse)

For the dessert, we went for the Bergamot White Chocolate Mousse. Despite being White Chocolate, it was surprisingly light with most of the sweetness perhaps taken away by the Bergamot Orange that is infused within the mousse, hence leaving it only with the fragrance of milk chocolate. Mixed Berry Coulis and Lemon Verbena Oil added the sourish tang for the dessert so as to give it a different dimension of flavours.

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FIX Grill carries the standards that most of Cookyn Inc’s brands have set; quality food at affordable prices that does not break the bank. While there is some minor misses around just like most of their establishments, it still has surpassed that criteria that should have been met that is assoiciated with the brand name. It is also worth noting that FIX Grill also plays much emphasis on the plating of the dishes as well. With so many details being taken care of, the effort in the preparation can be felt. Hopefully FIX Grill would be able to retain the standards being set during our visit, and let’s wish them success in the future!

FIX Grill
HometeamNS-JOM Clubhouse
31 Ah Hood Road
Singapore 329979

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