Banana Tree – Keong Saik Road (Closed)

(Banana Tree had since ceased operations.)

The Korean Wave has brought us quite a number of Korean-inspired eateries ranging from Korean Fried Chicken to Korean dessert cafes that specialises in Bingsu.

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Banana Tree is actually a Korean brand that recently opened up its first outpost in Singapore at the hip Keong Saik Road, adding to the vast amount of eateries that is already operating in the area. Being a Korean dessert cafe, the menu has items such as Flower Pot Puddings and Flower Pot Bingsu, as well as a few beverages such as coffee.

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(Flower Pot Bingsu)

One of the signature items available here would be the Flower Pot Bingsu named as such due to the presentation of the dessert. Coming in a pot with a (fake) sunflower, the Bingsu is served with Azuki red beans, fresh milk and a scoop of ice-cream. While most of the elements are fine, the ice seemed a tad coarse for Korean Bingsu standard, though finer than some others lying in between Patbingsu standard and Ice Kachang consistency. Despite so, it is largely passable, and because of its humongous size it is best to be shared between three or more.

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(Som Som Latte – iced)

Perhaps the Som Som Latte is just following on the trend about Cotton Candy; what would Cotton Candy do to an iced latte anyway? No matter what it is, the Som Som Latte comes in both hot and iced versions, and for the iced version you could choose between a Milk Caramel one or a Banana flavoured one. We opted for the Milk Caramel and it was pretty strong in coffee despite being an iced latte; something that I liked but my friend was not really in favour as he is not into strong coffee.

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Banana Tree seems to do well in their presentation of their desserts; all of the desserts have the photogenic factor that would definitely attract those who are looking for Instagram-worthy dishes to visit them. We heard some feedback on the waiting time for food on the weekend, though we had both orders served together around 10 minutes on a weekday afternoon which was rather reasonable. With the Korean craze still going on strong, let’s see if Banana Tree would be able to stay strong in the future.

Banana Tree
26 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089133

Web Page (Korea):
Facebook Page:


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