Grin Affair – Blk 505D Bishan Street 11

Since 2014, it had been an ongoing trend for cafe owners to expand either by expansion of their current grounds or by opening a second outlet.

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Grin Affair, which is known for their signature jar cakes, had recently opened up their second outlet in the neighbourhoods of Bishan away from the outskirts of town where their first outlet is situated at Everton Park. The new space still retains the cosiness from the original shop with its cottage-like decor, but now the space is wider and larger and hence able to accommodate for proper dine-in seats. Such changes also saw a wider variety of menu items served in the Bishan outlet. For instance, the new Bishan outlet serves coffee, while waffles (both sweet and savoury) also makes its way into Grin Affair’s menu, apart from their signature jar cakes.

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(Waffle with Durian Gelato, Almond Flakes with Toffee Sauce)

Most would have tried Grin Affair’s jar cakes by now, and we were also itching to try their new items. We decided to share a waffle and settled for the sweet waffle with Durian Gelato, Almond Flakes with Toffee Sauce. Unlike usual waffle batters, Grin Affair’s waffle batter is made of Meringue (Egg White), Soy Milk and a dash of salt. The result was a pretzel-like waffle; crisp and light with a hint of egg white and soy flavours. The almond flakes adds a crunch and nuttiness to it, though the Durian Gelato was a tad artificial but still smooth in its texture. They could have been more generous with the toffee though; despite its subtle sweetness it seemed to have got overpowered by the strong Durian gelato somehow.

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We were looking forward to try their coffee despite hearing some comments on it but were unable to as they were in the process of changing their coffee machine. Grin Affair’s expansion into Bishan does make it more accessible for residents in the neighbourhood, but it would be interesting to see the direction they are headed to in the future given the jar cake craze had died for a while now. Perhaps a more varied menu might be able to draw more crowds whom might be interested to have a meal apart from waffles.

Grin Affair
Blk 505D Bishan St 11
Singapore 574505

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