Bread Yard – Galaxis @ Fusionopolis

With the Singapore University of Design and Technology (SUTD) moving out of the Dover campus and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) taking over the grounds, Bread Yard had also moved out to Fusionopolis to continue operations in a different environment.

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Situated in the partially completed Galaxis building, Bread Yard occupies one of the corner units. Shifting the target audience from students to office workers, the new space seems to be more tastefully arranged than the old one, though the small shop space also meant that there is not much area in between the seats to move about. To attract the office lunch crowd, Bread Yard not only serves Sandwiches and Breadfirst menus now, but also serve a variety of Pancakes that is newly introduced as well.

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(Hong Kong Pork Belly)

Hong Kong Pork Belly was one of the items that fundamentally-flawed recommended me to try during my visit a few weeks ago via Instagram, hence my decision to order it. Coming with sous vide pork belly that was braised and pickled cucumbers in between two lightly toasted Hokkaido Milk Bread that was baked in-house, the braised pork belly carried sufficient flavour through the sandwich, creating that savoury touch with tender meat while the pickled cucumbers added a juicy crunch with a slight hint of sour to make the sandwich less heavy with its refreshing flavour. All that, with a light, crusty and fluffy Hokkaido Milk Bread that made it a pretty light yet delightful treat. If anything, we were actually rather taken aback by the bones in the Pork Belly. Mind you; there were huge chunks of bones hidden in between the pork which pretty much ruined the otherwise perfect sandwich. Just that close …

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(Ham & Cheese)

My dining partner settled for the Ham & Cheese Sandwich which comes with Honey-Baked Pork Ham, Apple Slices and Cheddar Cheese in between two Hokkaido Milk Bread; the same one used in the Hong Kong Pork Belly Sandwich. I did not have a chance to taste this sandwich, but my dining partner (who is a bit picky on his food) did claim that it was “not too bad”.

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(Black with Milk)

I also ordered a Black with Milk to go along with my sandwich, but its pretty evident that coffee is not their forte. Despite using the Chemex for brewing every single cup of coffee, the cuppa felt rather flat and bland in its flavour profile so much that I could not get past half a cup. Perhaps they need more time to sort this one out.

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Bread Yard still does what it was known for; sandwiches using bread that is baked in-house and keeping their brunches affordable. While we can see that they are quickly turning into a lunch crowd favourite, there is much improvement to be done in their coffee so as to attract the office workers to drop by in the morning for their daily cuppa. Apart from that, it would be interesting to see how Bread Yard would fare in the future; from a school-based cafe to a lunch haunt for the office workers at one-north.

Bread Yard
1 Fusionopolis Place
Singapore 138522

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  1. Jessica ong says:

    Disappointing lunch at Bread Yard.
    I ordered the grilled chicken.
    The chicken was as cold as the salad and the tiny piece of tomatoe focaccia that came with it was also cold hard. Not expecting freshly grilled chicken but they should at least pop it in the microwave and toast the bread.

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