Tanuki Raw – Orchard Central (Moved)

(Tanuki Raw had since moved to yet another location within Orchard Central with a revamped menu. Updated address at the end of the post)

It had been two years since Tanuki Raw had been serving up Japanese-inspired dishes and affordable oysters during its Happy Hour promotion at Orchard Central; certainly a feat in today’s unpredictable and competitive scene in the F&B industry.

 photo IMG_8949_zpsrczav2dt.jpg

Tanuki Raw was a place that we had initially wanted to visit, but had slipped from our minds until very recently when they started to open for lunch and released a new Donburi set lunch menu which offers quite a few tempting options that looked pretty on Instagram. Apart from the Donburi set lunch menu, they also offer the regular ala-carte menu which they offer for dinner as well, with full selection of alcohol also available if you fancy drinking in the day.

 photo IMG_8942_zpsqdkz5cgk.jpg

(Yakitori Don)

I was in the midst of recovering from a rather bad sore throat that day, and since all the sides were fried items we decided to give them a miss and go straight into their Donburi set lunch options. Final decision went to the Yakitori Don despite the Salmon/Bara Chirashi Don being the most attractive options because I am not willing to take the risk of losing my voice again :(. Simply presented, this bowl was comfort food at best; pan-seared chicken fillet covered in teriyaki sauce, slight crisp on the exterior and succulent served atop rice mixed in loads of Furikake for flavour. The only thing I had qualms with were the mushrooms; texture-wise they were faultless; succulent and juicy, but much of the earthiness was gone leaving it a pretty bland and washed-out flavour.

 photo IMG_8945_zpsbwljbp3x.jpg

(Truffle Yakiniku Don)

My dining partner went for the Truffle Yakiniku Don; that same rice with pan-seared Black Angus Short Ribs and an Onsen Tamago egg served over it. Well-executed was the doneness of the beef; neither was it rubbery nor tough. Sliced with adequate thickness, the beef was easy to chew without any gamey flavours, just a smoky note from being pan-seared with a heavy truffle aroma. The egg yolk flows with a single poke, leaking out its sunshine goodness. While truffle lovers would be bound to love this rice bowl, it has a tendency to get rather heavy as the truffle aroma is seemingly intense and cause it to turn somewhat salty given the rice was umami given the amount of Furikake mixed in.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Portions may be small, but both of us left with quite a satisfied meal. They were decently portioned in fact, for it does not leave you stuffed nor starving; just right unless you are one whom has a huge appetite. Both rice bowls were also well-executed, and got us pretty intrigued about their other offerings especially from their ala-carte menu. Guess another visit would be in the works to try out the maki rolls and sides especially.

Tanuki Raw
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Web Page: http://tanukibar.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tanukibar


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  1. Qiuuing says:

    I want to check out this place!

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