Doi Chaang Coffee – Rochester Mall (Closed)

(Doi Chaang Coffee had since ceased operations at Rochester Mall. It operates several outlets around the island now; do check out their website for the addresses of the other outlets.)

Newly opened in 2015, Doi Chaang Coffee is a cafe that had taken over the previous space of Obolo.

 photo IMG_5949_zpsb198fb2c.jpg

Focusing on coffee, expect the usual for the caffeinated drinks, while the only food item available here would be the various types of Mille Crepes in the display shelf.

 photo IMG_5944_zpsb97c4db3.jpg

(Hokkaido Milk Mille Crepe)

They have quite a couple of Mille Crepes to choose from, such as the Matcha Azuki. I went for the Hokkaido Milk flavour but unfortunately their Mille Crêpes were not really my type of thing. Personally the crepes felt rather dry and a tad stiff, and the Hokkaido Milk flavour despite having a light whiff of dairy was a bit too sweet to the point that it seemed to be overdone.

 photo IMG_5946_zps1542afe2.jpg

(Iced Doi Chaang)

The signature drink here is the Iced Doi Chaang, which was described to me as iced coffee with milk and syrup. A beautiful concoction where one good taste the distinct floral accents typical in Vietnamese Drip Coffee complete with milk syrup replicating condensed milk.

 photo IMG_5950_zpsfd196d6e.jpg

Being at Buona Vista, Doi Chaang Coffee is situated at a spot that has plenty of potential customers that work in the nearby offices. This is where the menu could possibly be extended out to sandwiches or some other easy-to-prepare food so as to attract the lunch crowd it could draw, rather than the current identity of being just a coffee and cake place. While being a brand from Thailand, I also noticed Doi Chaang Coffee’s coffee menu seemed to have the usual choices of Espresso, Americano, Flat White etc.; the only item that seemed to have a bit more Thai flavour would be the Iced Doi Chaang. A cosy spot, though I guess I would not be rushing back any time soon.

Doi Chaang Coffee
35 Rochester Drive
Singapore 138639

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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  1. Joel says:

    Doi Chang Coffee is from Thailand and not Vietnam.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Have made the necessary changes. Thanks for pointing out 🙂

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