Oberstrasse – Blk 809 French Road

Kitchener Complex is known for being a town centre that has a flair of its own; canvas shops and antique shops thrive in this rustic neighbourhood. HDB had since carried out some upgrading works to spruce up selected blocks in the estate with Block 809’s change being relatively drastic, seeing F&B tenants and education centres being set up within the new lifestyle hub.

 photo IMG_7728_zpsg9od9vn8.jpg

Oberstrasse is currently the sole Third Wave Coffee Movement cafe that is opened within the lifestyle hub. Located beside Porn’s Thai Noodee, the exterior bears a stark difference from its neighbour, using mainly black accents in it furnishings with white-tiled walls for a bit of contrast. Bringing the decor closer to nature, most furnishings consists of dark wood, as well as some plants to inject a bit of green elements into the interior design. Menu consists of usual suspects; pasta, all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and a sole main course.

 photo IMG_7730_zpsz2cs2cr7.jpg

(Greek Yogurt with Muesli)

My dining partner who is a small eater ordered the Greek Yogurt with Muesli, which comes served with berries and honey. An item ideal for those who are looking for something light or just do not want to order something heavy, the thick yogurt when mixed with the honey gave the Muesli a sweet-yet-tart flavour.

 photo IMG_7729_zpshnz86n9c.jpg

(Eggs Benedict)

I tried the Eggs Benedict. Oberstrasse serves their variant standard with bacon, but one can opt to pay an additional cost of $2 to replace the bacon with either Prosciutto Ham or Smoked Salmon. We opted the latter to be served with the poached eggs served atop Wholemeal slice with Hollandaise Sauce with Mesclun Salad at the side. The poached eggs were somewhat inconsistent; one was done a bit more stiff than the other, though both yolks had both runny bits as well as solid bits as well; definitely some room for improvement in terms of execution. Wholemeal slices were a bit chewy; seemed to be served without being toasted but also lacked crustiness. Hollandaise Sauce was also rather salty; in fact the taste reminded me of thick canned soup with a bit of tang and paprika sprinkled for a touch of spiciness. The other elements were pretty fine, but does not impress.

 photo IMG_7731_zpsjgoa8mm0.jpg

(Flat White)

Flat White had a light body with earthy tones, though was quite foamy and liquid; there’s definitely better coffee in the area.

 photo IMG_7735_zps3mh8l1px.jpg

Oberstrasse overall has a few hits and misses. They do have the right vibe that attracts patrons when they walk past the cafe, and their price range especially for their all-day breakfast is definitely attractive being wallet-friendly ranging from $6.50 to $12. However, while the prices are low, the food quality seemed to have taken a toll as a result and feels quite average at best. Probably Oberstrasse needs to learn a thing or two from The Clueless Goat; another cafe that serves really affordable brunch fare that opened its doors around the same time as Oberstrasse to find the x-factor that they are missing of.

Blk 809 French Road
Singapore 200809

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oberstrasse


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