plus39 Gelato Bar – Circular Road (Closed)

(plus39 Gelato Bar had since ceased operations)

2015 had been an interesting year in the cafe scene; we have seen cafés that had rewritten the history of the industry with molecular gastronomy heading to the masses, deconstructed desserts made affordable and patisseries offering fine-dining style service and tea pairings.

 photo IMG_8437_zpsipdhs6cc.jpg

Plus39 Gelato Bar adds to the competition; while most gelato places are offering waffles to compliment the gelato, Plus39 is more of a gelato-cum-bar concept, offering alcohol pairings with their gelato. Gelato is churned in-house, with different flavours on rotation daily.

 photo IMG_8438_zpshfoxeyim.jpg

(Hazelnut with various toppings)

Amongst the various flavours we have tried, we found the Hazelnut pretty rich; a fragrant nuttiness exudes in the smooth and thick gelato despite having no traces of nuts to crunch. We had the Coppa; the take-in version where we are allowed to add toppings for no additional charge though slightly pricier than the takeaway ones. A variety of toppings are available; all of them liquid, and we had chocolate, chestnut and cherry respectively. Chocolate was rather thick and seem to be in globs; rich and had crispy bits as though there was crushed wafer to bite, though can get really overwhelming after a while but the best combination to the Hazelnut gelato. Chestnut was more subtle and earthy, while the Cherry was really sticky, sweet and comes with Cherry bits to chew but rather oddball for the Hazelnut gelato. While it was a one-off, one of the servings of Hazelnut gelato had a rather noticeable chunk of ice which might hint of slight inconsistencies.

 photo IMG_8439_zpsfx7czxkw.jpg

(Aperol Sorbet)

One of the unique creations from plus39 Gelato Bar would be their Gelato and alcohol pairings; their Aperol Sorbet is the flavour that was available that day of our visit. This was essentially their take on a frozen version of the cocktail named Aperol Spritz, using sorbet made from Aperol and drowning it with Prosecco wine and a slice of orange. It felt like a frozen cocktail; a scoop of sourish sorbet dunked into a fizzy bitter alcohol; pretty special and innovative. Must say that this was a rather acquired taste that not all would appreciate, but will definitely get those who are into alcohol hooked for its alcohol content.

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With so many cafes sprouting up in the last year till now, it is quite refreshing to see places such as Plus39 having their own take to Gelato especially having seen countless various renditions of waffles that most ice-cream spots have come out with. Though pricey, quality is pretty good, with the owner’s passion on the Italian dessert being felt in his many creations, with surprises for patrons for flavours are on a rotation basis so as to keep things fresh for potential customers. Calling it the best Gelato bar in 2015 might be a bit early, especially with close competition from other creative concepts that have also opened during the year as well, but do check this place out if you are in the area for some serious Gelato.

plus39 Gelato Bar
29 Circular Road
Singapore 049385

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  1. jacopo says:

    Hi thanks for your review of our +39 gelato bar. I am very surprised and sorry to read about the ice you found in the hazelnut. As our gelato is produced, preserved and served at the same temperature, this is something that should never happen. Thanks, I will keep more than one eye opened on this.
    The alcoholic sorbet you tried is not apple but the scoop is made from Aperol and it is served with prosecco wine and a mini slice of orange. This is a frozen version of Aperol Spritz, one of the most famous “aperitivo” in Italy.
    Once again, thank you for your review and your feedbacks, this is what we need to always improve and be able to offer an always better gelato to our guests.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Glad to see you all taking the feedback seriously. Would edit the post when I can do reflect on the Aperol correctly; thanks on clarifying that out too! Thanks for reading and supporting the blog!

    2. jiaksimipng says:

      Have made some changes to the Aperol sorbet for the accurate description of the item. Let me know if I am correct. Thanks for correcting once again 😉

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