Baker’s Brew Studio – Jalan Tampang

(Update: Baker’s Brew Studio at Jalan Tampang no longer allows dine-in though takeaway is still available; dine-in customers can visit the Baker’s Brew Studio branch at Paragon.)

Sembawang Road seems to be one of the up and coming areas in the north for cafehoppers, with many new eateries such as Mootime, Something Sweet Dessert House and RoyceMary Cafe having opened in the small cluster of shophouses that used to be home to tzechar stalls and motor workshops.

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Baker’s Brew Studio is the newest of the lot currently, having operated for around two weeks before our visit. They are neighbors to Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice which moved in last year, situated just doors away from You Huak Restaurant (also known as Sembawang Original White Bee Hoon). This is not your typical cafe however; Baker’s Brew Studio is set up not to be your average neighbourhood cafe, which also explains why Baker’s Brew Studio takes up a space that is even larger than some of the older eateries in the area. Housing a baking school behind the main counter and dine-in area, expect a concept like Maple & Market where they would also be conducting classes on baking various cakes and other bakes from time-to-time.

 photo 2015-03-04 05.29.57 1_zpsy2cik5ja.jpg

(Earl Grey Lavender)

I was being told that their signatures were the Carrot Cakes and the Red Velvet Cakes; both unavailable during out visit there. Eventually I settled on the Earl Grey Lavender which caught my eye while looking in the display. A simplistic cake, there is no fanciful piping or decorations on the cake; just simple buttercream smothered over the cake. Coming in two layers, a layer of buttercream covered the top and another sandwiched in the middle, with the sides all covered in the same Earl Grey-flavoured buttercream. Carrying the Earl Grey fragrance, the buttercream still retained a buttery flavour but does not feel overly oily; perhaps the addition of Earl Grey helps in killing off that sinfulness that usually is associated with buttercream. The cake layers held well together without crumbling into bits, but also carried the tea aroma well. Only thing which was not too much of a concern would be the cake feeling a little bit dry and stiff halfway through, but all in all its still decent and not really too much of an issue anyway.

 photo 2015-03-04 05.27.58 1_zpspzlkrf9q.jpg

(Custard Popover)

These little Custard Popovers caught my attention way before the cakes; they were not only bite-sized but looked pretty promising so I decided to have one of them too. They came in several different toppings; from blueberries to one that even have chocolate and nut sprinkles. I went for the one with strawberries and I must say I was impressed! Usually strawberries are known to get unbearably sour on desserts; this one was of a great proportion of sweetness and tartness so as to give a dimension in flavour to the Popover without a huge contrast of flavours. It was said that the Popover base was made with a special bread which may be a little dense for some, though it was fine with me. Surprisingly, the custard was liquid and flowy right from the top, and it explodes and oozes out with every bite. A pretty unique creation which I find is a definite must-try if you ever visit them!

 photo 2015-03-04 05.52.32 1_zpsatajuqjy.jpg

(Oreo Macaron, Salted Caramel Macaron)

Maybe I was just hungry, or perhaps I was just looking for a bite. I also ordered a Salted Caramel and a Oreo macaron after finishing the cakes. Well-executed, the Macarons maintained their shape and did not shatter with a bite, and the fillings were flavourful but not overwhelming. Preferred the Oreo version possibly due to my love for Cookies & Cream ice-cream, but the Salted Caramel should hit fans of the flavour on the right spot too.

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Currently Baker’s Brew Studio is taking one step at a time, but they do have some exciting plans to come in the future such as serving up coffee and such. The owners behind the studio are passionate and enthusiastic about baking and their bakes, and I suppose they also do special orders of bakes upon requests. Service wise they were also pretty on-the-ball, offering to flip up the cake because I was taking photos (which I rejected because I don’t want to inconvenience them). One thing I do hope for is that they use actual plates and stainless steel cutlery for dine-in; it quite spoiled the aesthetics for the beautiful cakes especially being served in such a pretty setting but on disposable wares. Apart from that though Baker’s Brew Studio is a great place for cake lovers especially up north, and definitely good to check out for some post-meal sweets after eating at You Huak Restaurant. Guess I will be back soon to try their take on the Carrot Cake some other time!

Baker’s Brew Studio
6 Jalan Tampang
Singapore 751468

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