Selfish Gene Patisserie – Craig Road (Closed)

(Selfish Gene Patisserie had since ceased operations; Selfish Gene Cafe is still operating as usual.)

Selfish Gene Patisserie is the latest concept being brought by the same folks who opened up Selfish Gene Cafe; a name that is considered established in the cafe scene after being in business for quite some time.

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Trying to set its differences from the crowd, Selfish Gene Patisserie is not really the patisserie you would expect. The concept here revolves around deconstructed desserts that enable the patrons to have a visual on the various ingredients of a common dessert served around cafés lately, yet taste somewhat familiar to our tastebuds. Its menu is somehow being sorted according to flavour intensity; items on the top having the mildest flavours and the flavours at the bottom being the more extreme ones. In order for the patrons to be able to sense the intensity of flavours, the desserts, if shared, are being rolled out one-by-one on the table according to the intensity of the flavours. Apart from plated desserts, they also offer beverages such as coffee, tea or even alcohol pairings with the desserts.

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Coconut is described in the menu as “coconut pudding, homemade chendol, red bean, Gula Melaka”. More simply put, it was indeed a deconstructed version of the local favourite Chendol. Everything at Selfish Gene Patisserie is made from scratch, such as the Pandan Jelly and the Red Bean Ice-Cream that sits atop the red beans. Despite being a deconstructed dessert, the entire dish felt like a cohesive combination; coconut flavours were evident throughout the dish, even connecting the various components together such as the smooth, wobbly Coconut Pudding and crispy desiccated coconut forming the main components of the dish while the Gula Melaka joins the dots by incorporating its sweetness into the Pandan Jelly and Red Bean Ice-Cream, which was churned smooth and creamy. This was one of the more memorable modern-day iterations of Chendol that I have had so far which was not only aesthetically beautiful but simply delectable, though I thought it was lacking an Attap Chee to make it feel complete (gave them the feedback, which they informed the chef and they are considering about adding it in).

 photo IMG_6442_zpse16ee000.jpg


My dining partner’s Soya was equally fantastic; Tofu Cheesecake with Red Miso sauce atop, crumbles, homemade Matcha Ice-Cream, red beans and homemade Mochi. Japanese-inspired, the Tofu Cheesecake was smooth yet tart, but is complimented with the savoury flavour that’s akin to Teriyaki; the taste of Red Miso. Crumbles carry a light hint of salted egg flavour with buttery notes, while the homemade Mochi was chewy but light. Matcha Ice-Cream bore light hints of green tea flavour, but within its creaminess was still able to exude the right amounts of flavour to make it work. Despite all the different elements, each element brought out their own flavours which made this a truly Japanese-inspired dessert.

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With beverages on the pricey side, we decided to skip on drinks and hop to somewhere more affordable to grab the usual cuppa. Selfish Gene Patisserie may be a somewhat pricey spot for its desserts, but their execution on the dishes we had tried were flawless; harmony across all flavours to form a single dessert without having it taste of bits and pieces poorly stitched together as well as the in-house production of all non-basic ingredients to create elements that are best fit to one another. A lot of thought had been put in the menu and presentation, which also makes a difference to the overall experience, and service if I may add is top notch; the staff was rather apologetic about not noticing us despite them opening the doors as soon as we reached, and introduce all the details of the menu and even behind-the-scenes without any queries. Even in between the two desserts, despite being the only table occupied in the cafe, there was no need to ask the staff to serve on the second dessert; they knew just when our glasses were empty, when we were finished and when to roll out the second dessert. Cafés these days should really learn a thing or two from the service standards here. With so many things done right, we thought that Selfish Gene Patisserie would be much like Selfish Gene Cafe; a brand that would be established in its name in the near future so long they keep to such standards. Pricing may be on the high side, but honestly, this is a spot I would not mind splurging on once in a while just to spoil myself when the need arises.

Selfish Gene Patisserie
40A Craig Road
Singapore 089678

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