The Clueless Goat – Thomson Road

Replacing Some’s Roast Culture at Thomson Road just right outside one of Novena MRT Station’s exit is a new cafe named The Clueless Goat.

 photo IMG_7534_zpsc94gxlum.jpg

Not to be confused with Malaysia’s The Curious Goat, The Clueless Goat is run by two former employees of Penny University situated at Tanjong Katong Road. Expect typical cafe fare to be served here; the menu has quite a variety of sandwiches and all-day breakfasts available, alongside waffles (one sweet and one savoury) and bakes that are also on display, though prices are definitely wallet-friendly with brunch ranging from $4 to $14 and sandwiches from $6.50 to $9 (not even $10!!!)

 photo IMG_7463_zpst1y3fozk.jpg

(Rancher’s Eggs)

Trying to go for something light, the Rancher’s Eggs caught my attention with its ingredients; smashed avocado, shaved parmesan, fresh salsa and poached egg served atop Multigrain Toast. The sides of the toast was speckled with multigrain, which gives a nice toasty crunch with each bite. There was a generous serving of both salsa and avocado as well; smashed avocado giving a buttery flavour to the toast while the salsa gives it a zesty and refreshing taste to balance it off. Served with two poached eggs on top, while one was somehow broken upon serving to us, the other managed to maintain its liquid yolk for around 30mins, enduring our grueling session of photography with countless of mishaps and then sitting around while waiting for me to finish having the broken yolk first. Side salad was fresh, but I thought it could do with more dressing.

 photo IMG_7461_zpslz3b5men.jpg

(British Breakfast Platter)

My dining partner went with the British Breakfast Platter, coming full with roasted tomato, streaky bacon, tater tots, chorizo, toast and a choice of eggs from poached, sunny side-up or scrambled. Sautéed Cremini was unfortunately unavailable that day and was replaced with the same garden salad served with the Rancher’s Toast. While the toast was nothing to shout about and I was honestly unimpressed by the serving of Tater Tots (it just felt a tad cheap to me; quite dislike to see processed food like these because it felt like its bought off the chiller from supermarkets and could be done at home; sautéed potatoes or mushrooms maybe?), I must say its the scrambled eggs and the execution of the grilled items such as the chorizo and streaky bacon that got me when I tried bits of this dish. Scrambled Eggs seemed to have different dimensions of texture and flavour within itself; despite not being the really runny type it was well-seasoned and eggy on the exterior, but somehow achieving a creamy and a less solid inside without being runny at all. Both chorizo and streaky bacon also had smoky flavours from the grill; a bit different than usual breakfast platters that feel like as though hotdogs and bacon is just merely heated up for you. Streaky bacon was crisp, yet there was sufficient far around for a bit of chewy tension.

 photo IMG_7462_zpse2jzuccg.jpg

(Flat White)

While The Clueless Goat serves coffee, there seems to be a bit of work to be done. Using blends from Common Man Coffee Roaster, I like the fact that they managed to tone down that sharp acidity which is the blend’s signature flavour profile, leaving it with only the chocolatey and nutty finish with a medium body, but it’s a tad milky somehow.

 photo IMG_7467_zps7yzyygin.jpg

The Clueless Goat may to tweak some of its formula, but it’s definitely pretty attractive considering its price point and food quality, somewhat reminding me of Refuel Cafe which is also pretty value-for-money. It is not only affordable, it’s also pretty satisfying considering what you get for the price. Honestly I see potential in The Clueless Goat, for this is one spot I reckon you would start seeing the office crowd in the area to start flocking for brunch soon (like clueless goats, if I may add). Visit before it starts getting too crowded!

The Clueless Goat
189 Thomson Road
Singapore 307631

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