Awesome Coffee – Bugis Junction

Awesome Coffee is one of the new tenants that is being introduced to Bugis Junction after the basement food street revamp.

 photo IMG_2667_zps396e09d2.jpg

Despite its small stall area, Awesome Coffee not only serves brewed coffee, but also roasts their own blends and serves cooked food such as pasta and retails sweets such as Milk Pudding and Hokkaido Cupcakes.

 photo IMG_2665_zps738553b0.jpg

To cater to the preferences of their patrons, Awesome Coffee serves mix-and-match pasta. Patrons can choose from different varieties of noodles, such as Macaroni, Linguine and Penne and choose between meat, seafood and vegetables. Add the finishing touch by choosing between different sauces, such as the usual cream sauce or premium ones such as the Tom Yam or Chili Crab (premium sauces are a dollar more).

 photo IMG_2669_zps6345a4c8.jpg

(Cream Penne Pasta with Meatballs)

For mine, I went with a safe combination of cream Penne pasta with Meatballs. For a takeaway box, the quality was very decent, for the pasta was al-dente and cream sauce was thick and creamy. The meatballs seemed to be marinated with a tangy and spicy sauce, which would have matched better with tomato-based sauces than it did with the cream sauce.

 photo IMG_2668_zps1600affd.jpg

(Flat White)

Coffee is still the main focus here, and they were serving a blend with beans originating from Brazil and Sumatra. The result was nutty with chocolate tones, but also a cuppa that was low in acidity. One thing to note would be the inconsistency of each cup; has heard some feedback that some cups seemed to have a higher milk content which covered off the aroma of the beans than others. Also worth to note do those who loved brewing coffee at home; the in-house roasted beans can be picked up in 250g bags at the cashier.

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While many of the coffee kiosks located in the city may be serving mainly coffee with selected varieties of sandwiches, Awesome Coffee’s style of serving pasta along with coffee is a fresh change. It offers a more filling option for office workers to takeaway for lunch, and serves as a convenient point to pick up everything from main course to drinks and dessert all at one go. No doubt the coffee needs some improvement in consistency, but I see some potential in the stall for its sincerity in serving quality coffee and food.

Awesome Coffee
Bugis Junction
206 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

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