Murphy’s – Blk 532 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 (Closed)

(This F&B establishment has closed permanently.)

Originating from Hitchin, UK, Murphy’s has hit the shores of Singapore with its first outlet located at the neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio.

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Murphy’s may be known for their Fish & Chips, but this bistro serves not only everything fish, but also pasta, burgers and brunch fare as well. Drinks include coffee, tea as well as alcohol, and desserts come in the form of cakes which are outsourced from suppliers.

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(Murphy’s Fish & Chips)

Trying their signature item, the Murphy’s Fish & Chips comes in two variants; one with standard batter and one with their special non-oily batter. We went for the latter, and though its pretty ambiguous for a fried dish to achieve zero-oil, it is probably one of the least greasy Fish & Chips we had ever had. The exterior is filled with crusted bread crumbs which is well-fried to a golden-brown colour, with fish still adequately moist and flaky within. Chips were also thickly cut and well-filled with potato and crisp to bite. The accompanying tartar sauce was creamy and thick, yet comes without that sharp aftertaste that some may not fancy. Each table is placed with two different flavours of condiments that goes along with the Fish & Chips; one original flavour and the other Onion, both of which added a somewhat unnecessary tinge of sourness to the fish. Quite a decent plate of Fish & Chips that’s worth the buck.

 photo IMG_7224_zps4fb4827f.jpg

(Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon)

My dining partner went for the Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon. This was pretty decent, and if I may add, above average as it came with runny eggs, a creamy yet tart Hollandaise sauce that has the right proportion of flavours with smoked salmon and ham. The sourdough may be hard to cut with a knife, but we loved the chewiness as you bite on it in the mouth. If anything, it would seem to lack the x-factor that would make it impressive, but probably this does deserve some credit for being worth the value for usually Eggs Benedict/Royale comes only with ham or smoked salmon, but never both.

 photo IMG_7226_zps57724981.jpg

(Little White Coffee)

Little White Coffee is the equivalent of Flat White, though it seemed to be of heavy roast and was lying towards the bitter scale despite its strong chocolatey tones.

 photo IMG_7227_zps264e8478.jpg

Murphy’s does add an interesting dining option to the neighbourhood; it is not every day you would see a foreign brand that opens their first outlet in the heartlands. However putting one in the shoes of the residents there, the pricing of the menu definitely does not allow the residents to frequent the bistro for it is on a high side for an eatery situated within the neighbourhood. If you are craving to have Fish & Chips and in the area yet wanting to avoid the commercial brands available at shopping malls, this is somewhere to consider.

Blk 532 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 560532

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