Mad About Sucre – Teo Hong Road

Mad About Sucre is a French-inspired Patisserie that had recently opened at Teo Hong Road not too far away from the exit of Outram Park MRT Station.

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First step into the patisserie and one would be greeted by a retail shelf filled with knick knacks that is available for sale. Fondants can also be seen hanging from the ceiling, all done by the baker herself; a showcase of her works. The front of the patisserie remains bright, while the “rabbit-hole” (as it was named) at the end is dimly-lit and painted black; according to the owners this was to allow the patrons immerse themselves into the space, creating a space away from reality as the patrons step in. Furnishings are brought in from overseas to create the Modern French atmosphere they are trying to achieve. During our day of visit, a few cakes and tarts are available, and beverages such as coffee and tea are available, with descriptions stating the best combination for the various teas to their selection of sweets.

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(Coco Citron)

Desserts are served in courses here in order of flavour intensity; the lighter ones get served first while the heavier flavoured ones get served later. Coco Citron was the first to be served. Essentially a lemon curd tart with coconut mousse atop, the key thing about all the desserts here are to be eaten with all elements combined so as to savour the intended flavour. The flavour of the lemon tart is subtly tart, pretty decent but familiar; what was more important is the coconut mousse; fragrant, light yet it’s ability to integrate with the tart citric flavour. Sugar crystals added a crunchy sweetness that not only was pleasing to taste, but looked like shattered diamonds that have the tart a very premium feel.

 photo IMG_7086_zpsd483ce87.jpg

(Moulin Rouge)

Moulin Rouge was created just like the carabet in Paris; a quite flamboyant and bold tasting dessert that is at the same time refined in its own ways. It was explained that the Moulin Rogue often smelt like cigar due to the smoking allowed in the carabet, so a touch of bitterness akin to cigars was added to the dessert in the way of using the almond crunches to induce the nutty flavour. The slightly-burnt caramel mousse might have sounded like a strong tasting flavour, but it was surprisingly smooth in its texture and only had a subtle hint of bitterness. The Walnut Parfait gives a slight nutty flavour though its hard to detect for some, and the crunch of the shortbread lined with soft sponge gives a buttery flavour. The fresh strawberry atop gives a sweet-yet-sour flavour to the dessert, so its not just smoky and sweet.

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Mad About Sucre may seem like yet another patisserie, but it is definitely different in its own league. While the idea of having desserts served as courses and paired with various teas is not a first (we had first encountered this at Selfish Gene Patisserie), its interesting to see more of such places coming up though often paired with a higher price point. Let’s see if this is going to be the direction that newer patisseries would take, for this seems to be the in-thing that is happening now.

Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road
Singapore 088334

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