Crave Ice Cream – Blk 284 Bishan Street 22

Another ice-cream parlour had sprouted up in the heartlands; this time at Bishan.

 photo IMG_5113_zps9c38fb3c.jpg

Like any other typical ice-cream parlours around, Crave sells their ice-cream along with cones or waffles.

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(Single Waffle with Durian Ice-cream)

Crave’s waffles are apparently Liege Waffles, which were pretty similar to the ones served by OZ Speciality Coffee before they were rebranded as Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters; a novelty for me because I never liked having a regular-sized waffle all to myself for dessert because it’s just too filling. Crisp on the exterior, the insides were chewy than cakey, which is slightly different from the other Liege waffles I had tried. It has a bit of buttermilk aroma, but also slightly sweet; perhaps from the chocolate sauce. What I did not particularly liked was the ice-cream, and it was for nearly all the flavours I tried, even for the Durian-flavoured ice-cream I eventually had. They felt a wee bit too artificially sweetened to the extent of tasting commercial, and very familiar tasting while at it. Even the rainbow-coloured Paddle Pop lookalike seemed very susceptible.

 photo IMG_5161_zpsc1fa452b.jpg

Given Craves is a shop that focuses on ice-cream and waffles, while I find their waffles rather decent, I hope they do churn out their own ice-cream or find another supplier for their ice-cream so as to better match the ice-cream up with their waffles.

Crave Ice Cream
Blk 284 Bishan St 22
Singapore 570284

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