One Thing Coffee (Kids Cafe) – Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Hidden in Basement 2 of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, not a lot of people actually heard of One Thing Coffee’s existence in the mall.

 photo IMG_0960_zpsb90b3e40.jpg

While being a cafe, One Thing differentiates itself by being a Kids Cafe. It has a whole playground area dedicated to children, which has different play areas so that children would be occupied while their parents spend some quality time in the cafe by themselves. The menu here mostly concentrates of coffee for beverages, which is supplied by BonCafe and the food menu mainly comprises of desserts; from toasts, waffles to ice beaker desserts such as Patbingsu (One Thing Cafe is being run by Koreans). Prices here are slightly steep, though there seem to be discounts during the school holiday season.

 photo IMG_0957_zps74690d4e.jpg


Knowing it is Korean- run, we thought it would be good if we tried something that seems more Korean. We eventually picked the Ice Beaker Patbingsu. Coming in a Pyrex measuring cup, this would be more than sufficient for two, if not three to finish. I have come to realised that each place seems to serve their Patbingsu somewhat differently. One Thing Cafe’s version ditches rice cakes, but adds on raisins apart from the usual Azuki red beans and soy bean powder. It also replaces condensed milk with regular milk. This made their version less sweet and therefore not cloying and at the same time healthier, and makes the portion more manageable due to the lack of carbs. A great way to keep yourself cool in the humid weather these days!

 photo IMG_0958_zps99a6f7d6.jpg

We weren’t too interested in their other offerings so we decided not to stuff ourselves and have dinner elsewhere. However, if you do have children and would want to bring them to somewhere fun while you can actually take a chill pill, you probably should give One Thing Cafe a thought. Prices may be slightly on the higher end, but sometimes you do have to pay slightly more for what you actually need.

One Thing Coffee – Kids Cafe
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588179


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