Milkcow – The Cathay (Closed)

(Milkcow had since ceased all operations in Singapore)

Following Beegurt, HoneyCreme and DanmiSoft, Milkcow had also opened up their first outlet in Singapore, choosing The Cathay as their first outpost that carries their signature soft-serve.

 photo IMG_6335_zps4534e1fc.jpg

Unlike the other brands, Milkcow originates from Korea, and has already a few outlets worldwide with several situated in Malaysia. According to a friend, the Singapore outlet has a more limited menu than its Korean counterparts, though still has 14 variants to choose from.

 photo 2015-01-300313461_zps12d1a335.jpg

(Milky Honey)

On their very first day of soft launch, I headed down alone and ordered the Milky Honey. On first taste, Milkcow’s soft-serve is actually better than its counterparts. It is milky yet creamy, and has the right amount of sweetness that comes with it. There is no gritty milk powder texture, nor the soft-serve melts too quickly. The soft-serve served here actually felt like the balance of what it’s counterparts fell short on. However, I quite disliked Milkcow’s liquid honey which instead of drizzled around the soft-serve ended up at the bottom of the cup. It’s intense sweetness ended up burning my throat rather badly as I reached towards the end, a really heaty experience that made my throat scream.

 photo IMG_6337_zps7a516cff.jpg

(Snow Drop)

The next day I visited with two other dining partners who were keen to try Milkcow. We ordered a single Snow Drop to try; a soft-serve that comes with Cotton Candy and Jelly Beans. Soft-serve was pretty consistent and tasted the same as the one I had a day before. Cotton Candy was fluffy and sweet, though it would melt into the soft-serve when mixed into it (similar to HoneyCreme’s). What was quite undesirable were the Jelly Beans, which seemed to have stiffened up due to the cold soft-serve and became a tad too rubbery and stiff that it made chewing exceptionally tiring. We eventually got tired of chewing that we have up eating the Jelly Beans overall.

 photo IMG_6336_zps09adfcd4.jpg

While I would still consider Milkcow a fad with this soft-serve craze that seems to be almost done with now, it deserves some credit for being a notch better than its counterparts. With deals on Groupon going on, expect queues to form here in coming weeks. If you do want to try Milkcow without having to squeeze with the crowd, why not give it a try during its soft launch period; both days we did not face any queue, though on the second day there was consistently around five people in the queue at any one point when we were waiting for our order to be done.

The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233

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  1. I prefer Honey Creme to Milk Cow, but no doubt they are both amazing. I like soft serve ice cream, but frozen yogurt remains king for me!

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