Milkissimo – NEX (Rebranded)

(Milkissimo had since been rebranded as a bubble tea/cheese tea stall after a renovation in mid-2017 and no longer serves the previous menu that is covered in this article.)

NEX just had a new influx of F&B outlets, and Milkissimo had finally opened its first outlet in Singapore within the mall.

 photo IMG_4363_zps1a7cf898.jpg

Some might find Milkissimo familiar; the Hokkaido ice-cream brand had previously popped-up in Isetan before for a limited period. The outlet at NEX however is a permanent shop space, and while currently only Frappes and Gelatos are available, there is intentions of serving up various types of Japanese Crepes in the future.

 photo IMG_4360_zps4a63fa93.jpg

(Caramel Macchiato)

Hokkaido’s ice-cream are known to be milky, smooth and rich yet somewhat light. There are a few flavours here which seemed a tad quirky such as the Coconut with Passionfruit. I went for the Caramel Macchiato, which was really milky with light hints of coffee. It was quite interesting that even though it was a Caramel flavour it did not taste overly sweet; in fact it was just a very light touch somehow. Other flavours which I thought were rather good included the Sicily Pistachio which had strong hints of nuts and the Azuki which was interesting with its milkiness within the sweet red bean flavours.

 photo IMG_4361_zps9f397d03.jpg

Milkissimo serves pretty decent ice-cream, and I guess I would be quite drawn to visit them so long I am at NEX especially after when they start selling the Japanese Crepes. Who can resist quality smooth and rich Hokkaido ice-cream anyway? Not me for sure …

23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083

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