Nunsongyee 눈송이 – Burghley Lifestyle Hub (Closed)

(Nunsongyee has ceased operations at the Serangoon Gardens location. There are still outlets operating at Bukit Timah, Tanjong Katong, Century Square and Upper Thomson Road. Please visit Nunsongyee’s website for the full addresses of these outlets.)

Nestled within the Serangoon Gardens private housing estate, Nunsongyee is located within Burghley Lifestyle Hub which also houses few learning centers as well.

 photo IMG_5460_zps2f10d889.jpg

Being a Korean dessert cafe, the menu revolves around Bingsu, though they also do serve coffee, tea, smoothies for beverages, as well as Rice Cake and Toasts as well.

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(Injeolmi Bingsu)

We have heard much raves about their Premium Bingsu, but we ended up ordering the Injeolmi Bingsu from the Snow Flake Bingsu menu as I was craving for Injeolmi Bingsu after my first at Bing Go Jung a while ago. Injeolmi Bingsu contains no peanuts, contrary to popular belief and is ascertained by both the staff whom I had asked at both Nunsongyee and Bing Go Jung. Made from shaven ice and containing soy powder, chopped almonds and rice cakes, Injeolmi Bingsu has a nutty flavour that is similar to peanuts but lacks the depth due to its prominent soy flavour. The one at Nunsongyee was smooth, consistent as the ice bits were shaven till very fine, therefore to the extent of being a bit fluffy. The flavours are well-balanced here, and soothing to the throat. Condensed milk served at the side makes for the ability to customize sweetness according to own preferences.

 photo IMG_5458_zpse8f6fc3a.jpg

(Traditional Sweet Ka-Rei Korean Rice Cakes)

One of the more unique dishes available here at Nunsongyee would be the Traditional Sweet Ka-Rei Korean Rice Cakes; pretty hard to find elsewhere in Singapore. Four pieces of Korean Rice Cakes drizzled with caramel served with berry compote at the side, the berry compote was a bit sour for us at the table, but we loved the chewiness of the Korean Rice Cakes. The texture was similar to Japanese Mochi, but grilled so it has this crusty exterior along with a chewy inside which despite its chewiness, was pretty easy to bite on.

 photo IMG_5461_zps02557e48.jpg

Nunsongyee adds a great addition to the Serangoon Gardens neighbourhood. Despite it’s somewhat secluded location within the neighbourhood, I guess it does has its own appeal to attract people out of the area to patronize. Despite being a bit pricey, Nunsongyee delivers with its quality desserts that feel very much authentic. A place that I would not mind heading to if I am in the area.

Nunsongyee 눈송이
Burghley Lifestyle Hub
45 Burghley Drive
Singapore 559022


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