White Restaurant 白 – The Punggol Settlement

Opened since 1998, You Huak Restaurant is known for serving up its delectable Signature White Beehoon in the Sembawang neighbourhood. The Punggol Settlement is home to the second outlet of the famous White Beehoon, which opened in January 2015.

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Named White Restaurant, this new outlet at The Punggol Settlement is a more upmarket branch of their first. Ditching the coffeeshop concept of the old, this second outlet is a fully air conditioned restaurant with a few outdoor seats. Technology is employed with the opening of the new outlet, from electronic buzzers for takeaway to the iPad ordering systems that the staff uses. Menu here largely is similar to the original outlet, though prices have increased slightly in the new outlet.

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(Signature White Beehoon)

Main dish of the day has to be the Signature White Beehoon; so signature that it had since become part of the name of the restaurant. I had always ordered this in the outlet at Sembawang, and I must say that this new outlet at Punggol had managed to hit all the expectations I had. Slurpy delicious Beehoon that comes covered in a light savoury sauce that somewhat replicates gravy of Mui Fan, coming with other ingredients such as vegetables, egg, squid and prawns, this was exactly the same dish that got me hooked the same way it did when I first had it at You Huak. The Beehoon despite being doused in gravy had never absorbed it to become mushy and wet, therefore maintaining the springy consistency well. If anything, the prawns was a tad too overcooked, but this had always been the case at Sembawang.

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(Signature Meat and Seafood Roll)

Another of You Huak’s signature is the Signature Meat and Seafood Roll, otherwise more popularly known as Hae Zhor. My dining partners loved how crispy it was, filled with a good balance of meat and yet springy from the minced prawn. It was also well-wrapped given how even a bite would not separate the beancurd skin away from the meat. I also found the one here somehow less oilier than those I had tried at Sembawang; definitely worth the extra bucks we paid.

 photo IMG_5451_zpsb1cffbc3.jpg

(Broccoli with Scallops)

Broccoli with Scallops is a commonly found dish at tzechar stalls but the one at White Restaurant is really one of the more defining ones I had. Crunchy green broccoli stalls served with scallops and mushrooms, the scallops were surprisingly fresh and springy without being a single bit rubbery. Even the broth it was cooked felt pretty clean and light, and we found ourselves polishing the plate clean despite having quite an amount of food on the table.

 photo IMG_5449_zps6223328f.jpg

(Prawn Omelette)

Prawn Omelette is usually the typical deal at tzechar restaurants, but White Restaurant’s variant was distinctively moist across the entire omelette so it has a bit of scrambled feel to it. Prawns were also fresh; it seemed like they used different ones for the omelette than those served with the Beehoon somehow.

 photo IMG_5450_zpse90412b7.jpg

(Home-Made Fried Beancurd)

Last to arrive the table was yet another You Huak signature; the Home-Made Fried Beancurd. I had ordered this twice at their Sembawang outlet and had mixed opinions of it. It’s pretty much the same formula here; fried fritters in a golden-brown Fish & Chips-like batter filled with tofu inside. The tofu mix seemed to have hinted of a small bit of egg and some vegetables; tasted like fried dumplings less the meat. They were crisp on the exterior, smooth but foamy in the interior. Yes, it was good, but the second time at You Huak I felt as though something is missing, and the same applied here too. Being a fried item, I guess it was just surprisingly light tasting, and our tastebuds were trying to trick us about some savoury flavour that is coming right up but gets nothing in the end. The accompanied Mayo sauce does nothing to help; even coming to a point of being nearly tasteless somehow. Not trying to mention that this dish is not worth ordering; in fact it is delicious, but the fact that my tastebuds are trying to trick me was quite disturbing, and I would have honestly preferred it to be served with the Thai-style chili sauce that came with the Hae Zhor to alleviate that feeling by creating a heavier flavour to the dish.

 photo IMG_5453_zps87ed08b7.jpg

You Huak Restaurant had created a legacy for themselves by serving the residents of Sembawang its legendary White Beehoon which had even attracted patrons from other parts of Singapore to this mundane area of the island just to try their specialities. While I was rather skeptical about the quality of food at the second outlet, having tried White Restaurant I must say that they have totally hit the expectations I have carried from the Sembawang outlet. If you live in the north-east and had ever travelled down to Sembawang for You Huak Restaurant and found it worthwhile, White Restaurant should be in your must-visit list; despite being slightly pricier than the original outlet, The White Restaurant is as authentic as the original, with no compromises with its food. Just note that the current queue for The White Restaurant is somewhat longer than You Huak Restaurant, which spans about one hour for seats and around half an hour for food to arrive on our visit which happened on a weekend afternoon.

White Restaurant 白
The Punggol Settlement
3 Punggol Point Road
Singapore 828694

Web Page: http://www.whitebeehoon.com/#!/homeContent
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sembawang-白米粉/283835041786


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  1. Qiuuing says:

    That’s a long queue!

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      It was hahaha. It was snaking from the restaurant to the end of the next unit which was Giant!

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