Fatcat Ice Cream Bar – Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2

Bedok had been seeing an influx of hipster eateries from cafes to ice-cream parlours of the late, apart from being known for a foodie paradise especially its Fengshan 85 Food Centre.

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Within walking distance from Bedok Town Centre is Fatcat Ice Cream Bar, what-it-seems-to-be yet another ice-cream parlour in the neighbourhood. It is however not another ice-cream parlour though; apart from serving ice-cream in cups and waffles, it is interesting that they do alcohol pairings with ice-cream, as well as plated desserts that conventional ice-cream parlours do not serve up. We hardly ever get moved by having too much variety of the menu, but maybe because I did not have my lunch or perhaps I just was too interested in everything, I ended up nearly ordering the whole menu down.

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(Lime Marshmallows)

To open our appetites, we ordered the Lime Marshmallows. Made in-house, these sugary delights were pillowy soft and addictive. Most marshmallows seem dry, especially store-bought ones but these seem to retain a bit of moisture for the fluff. Each morsel just contained the right proportion of lime zest and sugar, so you get a nice tinge of zingy flavour alongside the usual sweetness. It reminds me of those from Lime at Parkroyal at their dessert table but this was better in most aspects.

 photo IMG_4672_zpsf1073de1.jpg

(Mojito Spheres)

Widely raved on Instagram, these Mojito Spheres are really pretty to look at; no wonder they are easily the most-instagrammed dish here! Fragile they are, a simple movement breaks the sphere in your mouth which bursts out Lime Mojito. It’s zesty yet dreamy flavour is just out-of-the-world, and that bursting effect is so wicked; more addictive than any liushabao. For those worried about any hard texture of the skin once the sphere breaks, it somehow just melts into the Mojito as if it never existed.

 photo IMG_4671_zps3e262642.jpg

(Banana Nutella)

Banana Nutella is one of the more conventional plated desserts in the menu. Bruleed Bananas served with Nutella Powder, nuts and Hay & Honey ice-cream, this one very subtle; probably will hit those with preferences of lighter tastes more. Nutella Powder was a mix of sugary and chocolatey flavour; a classic combination with bananas, while the ice-cream does not overwhelm any of the flavours achieving a good yet light mix of the three taste profiles. Nuts add a crunch to the dish for some texture.

 photo IMG_4670_zps646a54a2.jpg

(Gourmet Waffles with Pistachio Ice-Cream)

Waffles seems like a must in ice-cream parlours these days, but Fatcat does not serve one, but two varieties of it. There are Classic Waffles any time of the day, but the one to go for would be the Gourmet Waffles which is only served in limited quantities each day. Coming in jet black, the Gourmet Waffles are Charcoal Waffles served with Salted Egg Sauce (no kidding!) and scoops of ice-cream if you fancy! We asked for a recommendation since we could not figure out what actually goes well with salted egg, which we eventually went down with Pistachio. Waffles were good; its lightly crisp, but moist inside with a soft touch of Buttermilk flavour. Salted Egg sauce was just the right balance; thick but not cloying and added this nice tinge of saltiness to the Pistachio ice-cream which was rich and nutty, replicating. A salted nut flavour.

 photo IMG_4677_zps953018a1.jpg

(Butter Beer & Espresso)

To try more ice-cream flavours, we also randomly picked two from the display freezer, where my dining partner wanted to try the Butter Beer and Espresso flavours. Espresso is pretty rich and heavy; coffee-lovers would definitely fall in love with its multi-dimensional aroma as it felt really different from the flat-tasting coffee-flavoured ice-cream out there. Butter Beer was rather pungent with its alcoholic flavours, and the two went very well with each other to create a spiked coffee flavour which was really comforting.

 photo IMG_4669_zps81da7393.jpg

There are little places around that are able to charm me with its menu, and FatCat Ice Cream Bar managed to do just that with interesting concepts induced to the ice-cream parlour scene in Singapore. The items are different and even daring, but all done well enough to win us over. Prices may be slightly higher for the plated desserts but it is really worth the order. For now, Fatcat seems to be the best of what Bedok has to offer!

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar
Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2
Singapore 460416

Web Page: http://fatcat.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fatcatsg


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