Regroup x Scoop Therapy – Kim Keat Road (Closed)

(Regroup x Scoop Therapy had since ceased operations. Scoop Therapy is now located at  Odeon Katong while Group Therapy still operates at two locations; one at Duxton Hill and the other at Katong V.  Do check Group Therapy’s website for the full address of all of the locations.)

The cafe industry of the late had been booming with both new players coming into the business while the older ones had started to expand to various outlets.

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Regroup x Scoop Therapy is, in fact, part of Group Therapy Coffee, which is currently their third outlet after their first at Duxton and Relational Goods at Joo Chiat (which had moved to Katong V and renamed as Group Therapy Cafe due to licensing issues and complaints from nearby residents). Their latest space at Kim Keat is rather different from their first and the relocated outlet at Katong V; it’s well-decorated and ditches the quaint and vintage concept of its previous establishments, being more closer to nature, bright and welcoming, fitting into the surroundings which make it seem really inviting. Most of the menu items are carried over from their two previous outlets, but they do have few items here and there that are newly introduced to their menu and exclusively available at Regroup. Since ice-cream parlours are also part of the cafe culture of the late, Regroup is also home to Group Therapy’s first ice-cream parlour venture named Scoop Therapy, which is just side-by-side the ordering counter of Regroup to make this outlet a one-stop spot for all-things brunch and desserts.

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(Pumpkin Pancakes)

One of the new items introduced and exclusively available at Regroup would be the Pumpkin Pancakes. There is an option to have Pulled Pork or Smoked Salmon along despite the menu only stating the latter and comes full with a Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce. Despite being Pumpkin Pancakes, these pancakes retained the usual texture that fluffy texture they should have, though instead of a buttermilk flavour they came with a tinge of sweetness from Pumpkin; pretty interesting and alluring. Then you have the Smoked Salmon that despite being warmed up by the Pumpkin Pancake, was still pretty flavourful and fresh and topped off with a Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce, which was pretty tangy and just creamy enough. The only disappointment came from the Poached Egg, which was overcooked as the yolk was rather stiff when we broke it apart. While that quite affected the quality of the dish, the different flavours of this dish especially of the Pumpkin Pancake were pretty worth the order.

 photo IMG_4523_zpsddcbcac0.jpg

(Buttermilk Chicken)

Another item not available in their other outlets was the special of the day; Buttermilk Chicken. Two Fried Chicken Thighs served with Sweet Potato Chunks and a garden salad, we were pretty surprised by how generous the portion of this dish was. However, we thought they could have done better in the execution of this dish; the Buttermilk Chicken had a batter rather thick and hard to cut and was marred by the slight bitterness of the fried skin as though it was slightly overcooked. The meat was pretty fine, though nothing much to shout about. Sides were way better; the Sweet Potato chunks were very similar to sauteed potato chunks; crusted on the outside yet soft to chew with a bit of bite, and the garden salad came with Japanese Sesame dressing which would hit the tastebuds of those who love Japanese-style salads.

 photo IMG_4547_zps0bf707a5.jpg

(Buttermilk Beer + Burnt Caramel)

Since they churn their own ice-creams here, we also tried some of their ice-creams, which include quirky flavours such as Maple Bacon (not to our tastes though; we just could not accept that sweet-savoury taste with chunks of bacon to bite) and Lemon Poppyseed (pretty good a sorbet with lots of poppyseeds to bite). We eventually settled for Butter Beer and Burnt Caramel; Butter Beer was a butterscotch flavour with beer elements in it, thus having a strong Werther’s Original-like kind of sweetness with deep flavours of alcohol. Burnt Caramel was a balance of scorched-goodness atop caramel’s sweetness; not too overwhelming nor heaty. The two was not really a good combination though; the Burnt Caramel took over almost all the flavours of the Butter Beer flavour so it would be better to order separate cups if you are intending to order this combination. It is also worth noting that the Burnt Caramel seemed to melt a lot faster as well.

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(Flat White)

Flat White was pretty soothing; it was pretty long ever since I had a medium-bodied cuppa that had distinct nutty and earthy notes.

 photo IMG_4586_zpsd770a285.jpg

Our visit to Group Therapy a year ago was filled with several hits and misses, both of the coffee and the food. Regroup seemed to have had inherited some of the traits of its parent cafe on the food aspect as well, though it seemed to have done slightly better it that aspect. Coffee, however, was pretty fine. While Regroup x Scoop Therapy has still got some room for improvement, it does add an interesting dining option to the crowd at Kim Keat/Balestier/Whampoa which seems pretty devoid of cafes except for the one or two that had been around the neighbourhood for quite some time. A place that I might consider revisiting if I am in the area somehow.

Regroup x Scoop Therapy
12 Kim Keat Road
Singapore 328841

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Facebook Page:


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