Sacha & Sons – Mandarin Gallery

Wild Honey is one of the more prominent names in the local cafe scene when it comes to all-day breakfasts and brunches. Pretty recently, Wild Honey has spawned off a new concept named Sacha & Sons, which takes half of the space of the Wild Honey outlet at Mandarin Gallery.

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Unlike Wild Honey which serves pretty much a variety of brunches from all over the world, Sacha & Sons is a concept that follows New York-style Deli which serves American brunch food such as Latkes and Bagels which are not as common in Singapore. Other more conventional food includes desserts such as Sundaes as well as usual cafe suspects like sandwiches.

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(Latkes with Gravlax and Creme Fraiche)

Since Latkes are not a common thing in Singapore, my dining partner decided to order the Latkes with Gravlax and Creme Fraiche. Latkes are Potato & Onion Pancakes which are pretty similar to Rosti, but done lighter and smaller. It comes with Sour Cream by the side. The Latkes tasted pretty roasty, especially with the heavy flavours of pan-fried onions in the potato pancakes, and goes very well with sour cream especially since they are pretty similar to Rosti. Gravlax was fresh and savoury, and created a different dimension of flavour for the dish. This was one thing I would really crave for breakfast any day.

 photo IMG_3892_zpse7a9fd3a.jpg

(Scrambled Eggs with Sturgeon, Smoked Salmon and Caramalised Onions with Toasted Bagel)

Another dining partner who is an egg lover went for the Scrambled Eggs with Sturgeon, Smoked Salmon and Caramalised Onions with Toasted Bagel. We saw the Bagels being freshly toasted while ordering, and unlike usual ones we get, the Bagels here were toasty and crispy, served warm. It came with Sour Cream with dill, which was thicky and creamier than the Sour Cream served with the Latkes with a herbed flavour. Scrambled eggs were runny, and did not require much seasoning for the cured flavours of the Sturgeon and Smoked Salmon was enough to power the scrambled eggs with savouriness, with a wee bit of sweetness coming from the Caramalised Onions. Both my dining partner and I were so impressed with this dish we both wondered why we had actually decided to try a different dish each because this was just so good!

 photo IMG_3884_zpsd9978ffa.jpg

(Matzo Brei – Savoury)

I went for the Savoury Matzo Brei, which was described to be “like a pancake”. The Savoury version is a Onion Pancake that comes spiked with herbs and sour cream and salmon pearls at the side. This tasted really similar; more of a good version of the Chinese Onion Pancake that’s less oily, with sour cream and salmon pearls. It was crisp, and went well with the sour cream as it was able to neutralise the flavours somehow. Salmon Pearls gave a popping sensation which gives a savoury flavour when it exploded. Do not get me wrong; this was actually pretty delicious. It was just a wee bit odd to taste something so close to home in a New York style Deli somehow.

 photo IMG_3893_zpsa27d234a.jpg


To finish off the meal, we ordered the Blintzes; stuffed crepes with fruit compote and sour cream. These light crepes were stuffed with cheese; a very light-tasting one along with a bit of caramelised flavours at the bottom. A wee bit savoury and a wee bit sweet, it went well with the sweetness of the fruit compote which had a sweet berry flavour. Did not like the pairing with the sour cream though; it just seemed to wash out all the different flavours in this dessert.

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Wild Honey had been one of the more promising spots to go for decent all-day brunch, though it is a bit on the pricey side somehow. Sacha & Sons carries the quality of Wild Honey’s all-day brunches, but it is more affordable with most items below $20 before prevailing government taxes. With such attractive prices and unique offerings, hopefully Sacha & Sons would be able to maintain its standards set in the long run, and it should be a pretty smooth-sailing ride ahead for the future.

Sacha & Sons
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897

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Facebook Page:


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