Gelato Paradiso – Old Airport Road Food Centre (Closed)

(Gelato Paradiso had since ceased operations.)

We have probably seen a lot of unconventional hawkers of the late offering bread, cakes, ramen or other cuisines that we would not associate with hawkers in hawker centres lately, but how rare it is to find a Gelato shop hiding in a hawker centre?


Run by a group of Gen-Y hawkers, Gelato Paradiso is a rare find. It is inspiring to see many young people these days becoming hawkers, either injecting some fresh concepts into hawker centres or by replicating nostalgic tastes to continue on traditions. While the flavours offered here may seem limited, the menu is varied. One could choose to couple ice-cream with their homemade cones, or even switch things up for a Float. Coffee is also served here as well.

 photo IMG_0284_zpseb46a0ea.jpg

(Belgian Waffles with Durian Gelato)

Wanting something to pair up with the ice-cream, I got myself their Belgian Waffles. I was glad how it turned out; eggy and crispy batter that was fragrant and buttery on its own. Most places that serve ice-cream waffles opted out of the maple syrup but they got it served with it for that light tinge of sweetness which was barely intrusive to the gelato. Choosing the Durian gelato, it was not really strong, but it carried a well-balanced milkiness that made it pretty decent, though could disappoint some Mao Shan Wang fans out there.

 photo IMG_0259_zps6eeb83d1.jpg

One of the regrets would have been the fact that it took me so long to try the stall, having previously seen it several months before but choosing not to try it. The Gelato here are smooth, an although not really too wow but it does seem pretty impressive for a hawker stall. I am not sure how a Gelato stall would work out in a hawker centre, especially when most would probably go for Ice Kachang after a heavy dinner of Char Koay Teow, but it definitely does attract the younger crowd. Hopefully things would work well for them; this is a place I am eager to see them grow!

Gelato Paradiso
Old Airport Road Food Centre
51 Old Airport Road
Singapore 390051

Facebook Page:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    I’m not really a ice kachang kind of girl, although I do have a sweet tooth. I prefer ice cream or froyo if I am going to have dessert…

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Think this would really fit your bill! 🙂

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