Do.Main Bakery – Tanjong Katong Road (Rebranded)

(Do.Main Bakery had since been rebranded as Do.Main Bistrot & Deli. They still serve a similar menu of bakes, though had started serving mains as well.)

New in the neighbourhood of Tanjong Katong amidst the different eateries that cater from Italian fare to casual bistros is Do.Main Bakery, which replaces The Ground Bar/Cafe.

 photo IMG_3697_zps6a034ff4.jpg

Being a bakery, their various bakes are baked in-house on an everyday basis, from croissants, danishes and tarts to even the bread used in their sandwiches.

 photo IMG_3699_zps1774349e.jpg

(Cream Puff)

We wanted to look for something light for breakfast, so we got the Cream Puff. Unlike your typical Cream Puff, the puff pastry is not just like a typical light, spongey and airy puff. It is also sprinkled with sugar and almonds atop so it includes a bit of nuttiness and toastiness alongside sugary sweetness to the puff; one thing we quite appreciate in this unique twist. The cream was also thick and smooth; it had a weak custard flavour but was well complimented with a stronger taste of vanilla, which was really comforting. It was one of the very few puffs that I had that I truly enjoyed.

 photo IMG_3701_zpse9644769.jpg

(Bourdaloue Tart)

Wanting to order a tart, we also tried the Bourdaloue Tart. Essentially a pear tart, we loved how the sweetness of the poached pears were not of that usual caramalised sweet, but seemed pretty dreamy as though alcohol was involved (not sure though). There were also almonds around the side, toasted and pretty nutty that complements the sweet pears. The tart base was also not too crumbly and held up well with each landing of the fork.

 photo IMG_3702_zps25dd901e.jpg

(Quiche Lorraine)

My dining partner was also pretty interested in the Quiche Lorraine so we got one too. I am never a fan of Quiche Lorraine, but this is really the best one I have had so far. Beneath that lift layer of cheese, the egg was not too mushy and came coupled with bacon and ham for that extra edge of savouriness. Each bit of meat comes with enough bite, which injects flavour into the quiche. The puff pastry at the bottom is pretty thin, but that was the way I like it, with a buttery tint of flavour so it really went well altogether. If you are one who is in to savouries, this would be the deal.

 photo IMG_3700_zpsbf82f33b.jpg


While the coffee is on the more pricey end here, it is pretty decent for pairing with the bakes. Our Latte was smooth, creamy and not only could we taste the chocolatey notes in it that was pretty evident, it also came with a cookie which was pretty fragrant of buttermilk that was not only huge, but was pretty good when dipped into the Latte.

 photo IMG_3698_zpsa5f55d50.jpg

We left Do.Main Bakery really impressed; from the sincere service to the excellent quality of bakes being served here. These days cafes in the heartlands are common, and there are also quite a number of bakeries in the city area as well. Do.Main Bakery manages to shine through the competition, for it is quite rare for a place these days that could serve a perfected menu (at least for what we have tried). Tanjong Katong is an interesting neighbourhood with a very mixed clientele, and I believe that Do.Main Bakery would be a worthy addition to the neighbourhood.

Do.Main Bakery
226 Tanjong Katong
Singapore 437015

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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