Guksu Homemade Noodle House – Suntec City Mall

The recent Korean wave seemed to have washed the craze about Bibimbap, Korean BBQ and Toppoki up our shores, but we have rarely heard much about Korean Noodles even till this date.

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Bringing the concept of Korean noodles to Singapore, Guksu Homemade Noodle House brings the rarely seen cuisine to our island. Here, noodles are served with different soup bases, such as the Korean Anchovy Soup base, the Korean Beef Soup Base and even the Korean Prawn Soup Base, coupling them with different condiments. A small variety of side are available as well; largely revolving around fried chicken.

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(Fried Garlic Soy Chicken)

The Noodles are available in both set or Ala-Carte; the set comes with a drink and a side. The side we chose for the set was the Fried Garlic Soy Chicken. Essentially a fried drumstick smothered with Korean soy sauce with garlic paste on the top, this was addictive. The fried chicken had a crisp skin and succulent in the inside, well spiced by the garlic somehow. Flavours of the soy sauce was absorbed in the fried skin for a savoury taste too.

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(Fried Spicy Chicken)

We also ordered an extra side of the Fried Spicy Chicken just to have a taste on the spicy sauce. Much the same deal, the only difference lies in the sauce; sweet-yet-spicy, it was great but I thought it would really been better if they could up the flavours a bit for more punch. Both of us somehow still preferred the Garlic Soy variant though for this one lacked that garlicky flavour within the meat.

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(Jang Eo Jangchi Guksu)

Jang Eo Jangchi Guksu is categorized in the menu as a Traditional Korean Noodle dish. It is noted that the traditional noodle dishes in the menu all are served with Korean Anchovy Broth, and for all noodles there is a choice of three types of noodles to choose from. We got the Kal Guksu which seemed to resemble a rice noodle version of our local Mee Pok. My dining partner noted that it tasted particularly similar to Prawn Noodles. The bowl came with marinated eel fish, boiled egg, carrot, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, Korean Laver and beansprouts. It seemed that the broth also absorbed quite an amount of flavour from the beansprouts as well. Most of the condiments were pretty pedestrian, but I loved how the zucchini was still fresh and crunchy despite being in the broth, and the marinated grilled eel also maintained its flavour without having the taste washed away by the broth. To be really honest, I do not really fancy this dish, but I guess it has something got to do with me because Prawn Noodles ain’t my thing as well.

 photo IMG_3580_zps856a47ee.jpg

(Korean Corn Tea)

We ordered the Korean Corn Tea for both; one hot and one cold. It’s light, and while it had the fragrance of a Chinese drink that similarly uses corn, it is not as sweet and carries a tea aroma.

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Guksu Homemade Noodle House seemed to have introduced Korean cuisine that is new to locals in Singapore, considering that the Korean Noodle market here is still relatively new despite a handful of brands that have brought it in already. While it is an interesting concept, it would be fun to see how this would go in the future; whether if such concepts would be accepted by the market here. One thing for sure though; it’s always good to learn more about the cuisines of other countries …

Guksu Homemade Noodle House
Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

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  1. How is this place doing now? I like the concept, but I don’t know if it ever looks busy or not.

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