Flock – Blk 21 Ghim Moh Road (Closed)

(Flock had since ceased operations at Ghim Moh. They still operate the original branch at Tiong Bahru; the address of the Tiong Bahru branch is listed at the end of the post.)

2014 had seen many cafes that had opened in the past year opening up their second outlets at various locations. Flock Cafe had also recently opened its second outlet at Ghim Moh, a few stations away from its very first at Tiong Bahru.

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We were there slight after lunch hours on a weekend afternoon. While the cafe was empty when we first went in, it was soon filled with a few groups of elderly residents who are in for tea. Menu for now is rather limited now, with a small selection of brunch items, sandwiches and pasta available. They also serve plated desserts as well, apart from cakes that were previously available from their Tiong Bahru outlet.

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(Brioche French Toast)

The description of the Brioche French Toast may seem a tad ordinary, but little would we expect it to be served with honeydew when we saw “fruit compote” in the description. The egg-soaked Brioche was fully absorbed of its egginess, becoming soft and pillowy. Light amount of maple syrup was drizzled on the French Toast so as to not overwhelm it in sweetness. Bacon were crisp, but a tad dry. Honeydew was most interesting; it adds a soft chew contained a sweet fruity flavour. The only unpleasant part was the siap aftertaste of honeydew. Tip: Dab the honeydew with some maple syrup to eliminate the aftertaste.

 photo IMG_3261_zps17c6a163.jpg

(Homemade Nonya Prawn and Fish Patty Sandwich)

For the sandwiches, we tried the Homemade Nonya Prawn and Fish Patty Sandwich. The patty sits in between two Foccacia buns, along with greens, purple slaw and tomatoes. Most interesting was the patty; a mix of fish paste and prawn which makes the patty rather bouncy. Marinated in what seems to tastes like lemongrass and ginger with small chili slices within, not only did it have the typical Peranakan flavours, it was also mildly spicy. Just think of the patty as a non-spicy Otah base with the abovementioned marinades. We also enjoyed the Foccacia; crisp yet light while the purple slaw was fresh and crunchy.

 photo IMG_3259_zps657b2437.jpg

(Banana Toffee Cake)

I had never tried Flock’s Banana Toffee Cake, so we decided to order one to share. This was indeed one of the most moist Banana Cakes I ever had, achieving a consistency similar to Sticky Date Pudding. Its not only filled with the natural sweetness of banana, but also toffee on the sticky top. Accompanied with whipped cream at the side, it helps to mediate the sweetness should it get too heavy.

 photo IMG_3263_zpsd15f9f85.jpg

(Flat White)

Flock uses Liberty Coffee’s Speakeasy blend for their coffee. While the Flat White was not the best we had, it was commendable as we could taste the nutty and earthy flavour profile within the cuppa, though it was more milky than creamy.

 photo IMG_3271_zps0e18d6af.jpg

I had always like how Flock had never tried to fit in to the cafe scene, going with classy, bright and simple themes that is timeless rather than the dark industrial themes in fashion these days. We pretty much enjoyed the simplicity in their food as well, which isn’t exaggerated in their flavours, but rather kept plain and light on the taste buds. Its little wonder why it had managed to attract the senior citizens in the neighbourhood to patronise. Hopefully Flock would be able to come up with more innovative items for its currently limited menu; would love to see how they would fare in the future!

Blk 21 Ghim Moh Road
Singapore 270021

Flock Cafe
78 Moh Guan Terrace
Singapore 162078

Web Page: http://www.flock.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/flockgm/


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  1. Bean says:

    OMG banana cake, MUST TRY

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