Xing Hua Family Restaurant 兴化府美食 – Blk 102 Towner Road

Being a Heng Hua, I had always been intrigued by Heng Hua cuisine. Having past by Xing Hua Family Restaurant recently, I decided to head down to check them out.

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Being a tzechar restaurant serving Heng Hua cuisine, the menu does not miss out on the usuals, such as the Heng Hua Fried Bee Hoon and Mee Sua, apart from various meat, egg and vegetable dishes.

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(Heng Hua Fried Bee Hoon)

According to my dining partner, the Heng Hua Fried Bee Hoon here tasted pretty authentic. Bee Hoon was tasty, and though slightly dry, was moist enough as the vermicelli is thinner than the usual Bee Hoon we usually have. Vegetables were fresh, and the pork slices seem to have generous amounts of fatty meat to chew on.

 photo IMG_2318_zps827e8637.jpg

(Heng Hua Style Mee Sua)

The Heng Hua Style Mee Sua was pretty decent too. The broth was slightly less gooey, being on the watery side but had the flavours of most ingredients absorbed. We could taste the mushrooms, pork and even vegetables within the broth, which made it flavourful. Couple it with the slippery noodles, its perfect texture made it a pleasure to have.

 photo IMG_2319_zpsa60702e9.jpg

(Xing Hua Shrimp Roll)

Xing Hua Shrimp Roll was pretty similar to Hae Zhor (Shrimp Rolls), having ingredients such as pork, shrimp and chestnuts for the crunch, though they have added small chilli to give it a mildly spicy kick. It came with a sweet sauce at the side, pretty identical to the sweet sauce that comes with Chee Cheong Fun, which adds up to a sweet-savoury combination that is pretty unique.

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(Crispy Yam Cubes)

A dish that is a must-order for me at any Heng Hua eatery would be the Crispy Yam Cubes. This would have been great for first timers, but after having it at other restaurants, we thought that theirs were a bit too chunky and needed more honey to up its sweetness.

 photo IMG_2321_zps0d2ce1c6.jpg

(Braised Beancurd Fish in Claypot)

Braised Beancurd Fish in Claypot is more of a tzechar dish than a Heng Hua delicacy. We especially love the gravy, a thick gooey that is savoury and heavy on oyster sauce, which went really well with the soft beancurd. Even better was the fried fish; soft and melt-in-the-mouth, it was one thing that everyone at the table just cannot get enough of.

 photo IMG_2290_zps24bc2570.jpg

In comparison to the visit to Heng Hua Restaurant quite some time back, we felt that both restaurants have their own hits and misses. Nonetheless, the meal at Xing Hua Family Restaurant was an enjoyable and authentic-tasting one. A convenient spot (it is just a short walk from Boon Keng MRT Station), this is a spot you might want to make a trip down to have a taste of true-blue Heng Hua cuisine.

Xing Hua Family Restaurant 兴化府美食
Blk 102 Towner Rd
Singapore 322102


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