Madam Saigon – Millenia Walk (Closed)

(Madam Saigon had since ceased operations.)

Apparently the story behind the visit to Madam Saigon for an outing with a group of friends was an interesting one. The original plan for us was to head to a pizza place to have a celebratory meal, but since a couple of us were not feeling too good, the eventual plan was to go for something light, which we opted for Vietnamese cuisine.

 photo IMG_1146_zpsc596deca.jpg

Madam Saigon’s menu is pretty varied for a Vietnamese restaurant. Most places serve common dishes like Pho, but they do have other options such as rice and kway teow. Other interesting dishes served includes the Vietnamese Pancake; a dish rarely found in menus of Vietnamese eateries here.

 photo IMG_1158_zps8fc48664.jpg

(Prawn Summer Rolls)

Every Vietnamese restaurant visit is never complete without Summer Rolls. Madam Saigon offers three variants; Prawn, Chicken or Vegetarian. We opted for Prawn, which contains fresh and large prawns with vermicelli and vegetables. It’s pretty refreshing, but it was also rather pedestrian and lacked the oomph that the Summer Rolls from other places have.

 photo IMG_1149_zpsc4f50363.jpg

(Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup)

A common order for most at the table was the Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup. The chicken broth was flavourful, though one dining partner claimed that it could have been thicker (He was also the only one in the group apart from me who had actually tasted Vietnamese fare). While the Grilled Chicken was tender and smooth, it again fell short as there was nothing much to scream about too.

 photo IMG_1147_zpsb6cd8c11.jpg

(Saigon Special Steamed Egg with Chicken Chop)

Another common order was the Saigon Special Steamed Egg with Chicken Chop; something I also had. The same Grilled Chicken was used for the Chicken Chop, and I really wished for it to carry a heavier lemongrass flavour for it lacked the punch of other similar dishes I have had before. The egg won both my dining partner and I though, containing other ingredients such as vermicelli which was an interesting combination. Pickled vegetables were sweet-sour, and provided a refreshing taste to the dish.

 photo IMG_1148_zps10a422ca.jpg

(Vietnamese Coffee – Hot)

The caffeine addict in me triggered me to order the Vietnamese Coffee. It’s bold flavour and flowery accent makes it a true-blue Vietnamese cuppa. They serve condensed milk by the side, which comes in a mayonnaise bottle; pretty confusing since we were really convinced that it was mayonnaise until someone actually decided to squeeze it into the hot coffee!

 photo IMG_1145_zps444b0f50.jpg

Madam Saigon’s food are honest and decent. However, with so many Vietnamese restaurants up of the late, it fails to stand up against the competition, which offers Vietnamese fare that wows the crowd. One of my dining partners who tried Vietnamese fare for the first time found it too plain for his liking, and the only one who had ever been to other Vietnamese eateries found Long Phung serving more impressive food at cheaper rates. I also can’t help but to think about the nearby Mrs Pho, which is not only cheaper but also able to wow the crowd. Nonetheless, Madam Saigon is still worth going to if you are in the area, for its food is generally satisfying especially for first-timers.

Madam Saigon
Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Web Page:


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