23Jumpin – The Commerz

Hidden in the industrial estate just behind Tai Seng MRT Station is Irving Place, where a new complex had recently been built. Its pretty unexpected to see just how many eateries are operating within the tinted doors, with familiar names such as Grasso Coffee having their second outlet amongst new players like 23Jumpin.

 photo IMG_2689_zpsf0755e8c.jpg

23Jumpin is a three-week old cafe when we visited on a weekend. Despite being empty (we were the only table throughout the time we dined there), the owner explained that he does have a substantial amount of customers during lunch hours from the offices around. The menu revolves around all-day breakfasts, pastas and a small selection of entrées. They also do offer beverages such as coffee and tea, and also have a small variety of desserts available.

 photo IMG_2685_zps7a5ce42b.jpg

(Eggs Benedict)

For the brunch item, we went for the brunch essential; Eggs Benedict. Their variant comes with ham and English Muffins, with a side of Mesculun Salad. Poached Eggs were perfect as they flowed when the fork went through them, having the soft and fluffy muffins absorbed that yellow goodness. Hollandaise sauce was creamy, yet providing just enough tartness to the savoury ham. Mesculun Salad was also decent, adding that refreshing crunch to the whole dish.

 photo IMG_2686_zps0b4a85c4.jpg

(Duck Confit)

Its rare to find Duck Confit in a cafe, so that was a no-brainer when we were choosing the Specialty to go for. The duck itself was tender and came off the bone easily, and was smothered in a citrus glaze that tickled my taste buds. Coming with a mash and seasonal vegetables at the side, the mash was smooth and savoury with brown sauce over it, and the carrots and cauliflowers were soft to chew as well. The flavour combination was unique and definitely caught me; I could not stop raving about it as soon as we finished it, and I just felt like it was something I just cannot get enough of.

 photo IMG_2636_zpsf014734e.jpg

(Jumpin’s Original Cotta)

Our choice of dessert was the Jumpin’s Original Cotta. “Because it has the cafe’s name”, I said. According to the owner, the Panna Cotta was more of an accidental discovery; their suppliers somehow sent them some jet-black Panna Cotta that were made of extremely dark chocolate instead of the intended order, but they were so convinced by it after trying and decided to just stick with it instead. We were warned beforehand that it was pretty intense, but I loved where it was going. It was barley sweet, but the smooth pudding felt like a brilliantly infusion of cocoa and a custardy pudding that was barely bitter. Pretty delicious and unique!

 photo IMG_2668_zpsb3142886.jpg


We were also presented this complimentary Tiramisu as the owner wanted to get some feedback about it. Try as we might, but we could not find anything to fault about it. That smooth luscious mascarpone cheese, the alcohol-doused sponge cake and that cocoa powder dusting; it was just faultless. It not only tasted like a proper Tiramisu, it felt pretty luxurious.

 photo IMG_2637_zpse2c7e668.jpg

(Flat White)

23Jumpin uses their own house blend, roasted by a local roaster named Kaans. The owner said that the blend was suited to local tastes, achieving a “zero-acidity” flavour profile. Our Flat White was nothing short on smoothness and creaminess, we also detected nothing fruity; just a nutty tone in its aftertaste.

 photo IMG_2688_zps4fbcf517.jpg

Having been to too many cafes lately, it seems really easy for me to get tired of having the same stuff recently, however 23Jumpin not only managed to surprise me each time a dish is being served, but also left me wanting more every time. The location at Tai Seng may not be the best, but it does make for a quiet hangout especially in the weekend as not many would venture into an industrial estate. With its sincere service, good food and value-for-money pricing, 23Jumpin is a cafe that you should not miss.

The Commerz
1 Irving Place
Singapore 369546

Web Page: http://www.23jumpin.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/23Jumpin/


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