Delightful Signatures – Sunshine Plaza (Closed)

(Delightful Signatures had since ceased operations.)

Its places like Delightful Signatures that gets my attention these days; it’s direction of serving local Chinese desserts as its main focus sets it apart from the myriad of Third Wave Coffee Movement Cafes that have been opening all over the island of the late.

 photo IMG_2552_zps53a3d419.jpg

Taking over the former premises of now-defunct Sneakery Cafe, Delightful Signatures not only serve a variety of local Chinese desserts, but also a small selection of Organic Noodles. Caffeine addicts can forget about having coffee here though, the only drinks served are tea.

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(Avocado Cream served with Walnut Ice-Cream)

Since their specialties were their desserts and we already had our lunch before visiting them, we unanimously agreed to try the Avocado Cream served with Walnut Ice-Cream. The Avocado Cream was thick, smooth, luscious and tasted similar to milk, while the Walnut Ice-Cream not only tasted subtly of nut, but also bore some sweetness and had a flavour similar to a cereal. Served with yet another sprinkle of Walnuts, it was a delight with a crunchy bite.

 photo IMG_2568_zps638b5e96.jpg

(Yam Paste with Almond Cream in Young Coconut)

We also decided to try their warm desserts, which we picked the Yam Paste with Almond Cream in Young Coconut. Basically the Young Coconut was emptied out, leaving a layer of flesh and contained almond cream above the layer of yam paste that resides at the bottom. The Yam Paste was thick, and was not too sweet. Mixed with chunky bits of coconut which is added into the bowl and the almond cream, the taste of Yam Paste was still evident, but more neutralised as a result so it does not get too overwhelming. Perfect for a rainy day treat!

 photo IMG_2555_zps7630451f.jpg

While I was contemplating to try their Smoked Duck Organic Noodles, I was too full so we decided to skip on that. However, the desserts were definitely delicious and worth visiting for; a push factor for me to visit them again for the noodles. If you are in the area and looking for a sweet treat yet not wanting to settle for ice-cream, this is a spot you should hit!

Delightful Signatures
Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189652

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