Holqa – East Coast Road (Closed)

(Holqa had since ceased operations.)

Situated at the stretch of East Coast Road behind i12 Katong, Holqa adds on as yet another option for cafehoppers to enjoy their cuppa at.

 photo IMG_2606_zpsb901648e.jpg

Holqa actually is the word for “link” in Maltese Being a cafe, expect usuals such as Eggs Benedicts and Brioche Delights in the menu, as well as a small selection of sandwiches. For those looking for light bites, there are a selection of croissants available, and the cakes here are supplied from local bakery, Kreme Couture.

 photo IMG_2602_zps1ec6a93b.jpg

(Breaded Shitake Mushrooms)

For a side, we went for the Breaded Shitake Mushroom that came with a side dip of Wasabi Mayo. Each piece of mushrooms were chunky and juicy, and fried with bread crumbs till golden brown for crispness. While the Wasabi Mayo was a bit too mild for my liking, it was not the typical Wasabi Mayo that tasted thick of eggy mayo, but more of Wasabi less the numbing effect.

 photo IMG_2605_zps5ed9c882.jpg

(Salmon Benedict)

Wanting to go for something more savoury, I went for the Salmon Benedict. While the Brioche was fluffy, they could perhaps do with slightly thicker slices of Smoked Salmon as the ones that came with the Benedict were a wee bit too thin to taste. We were also disappointed with how the yolks were overcooked for ours and failed to flow; hopefully a one-off. Mesculun Salad was pretty decent though, especially when compared to the damp and extremely sour and bitter one I had a day before at a commercial restaurant that’s pretty much everywhere in Singapore.

 photo IMG_2603_zps9d947105.jpg

(Brioche French Toast)

Going for the more conventional variant out of two available, we chose the Brioche French Toast. It came with caramalised bananas, macerated strawberries and two egg-battered Brioches, and a serving of maple syrup. The egg batter formed a slight crispness in the Brioche, which absorbed its flavour sufficiently and well-complimented when eaten with maple syrup; not too intensive in its sweetness. The fruits were also well-executed, cooked till soft though the strawberries were more on the sour side than sweet. Quite pleasant, though not really the style that I would fancy.

 photo IMG_2600_zpsee29affc.jpg

(Flat White)

Holqa’s choice of blend is from Geisha Specialty Coffee, and our Flat White was creamy and had nutty notes within, being medium-bodied.

 photo IMG_2599_zps62d51134.jpg

East Coast Road may already be crowded with its sheer number of eateries, but Holqa does add an interesting choice in the neighbourhood. While it does have a potential, its dishes need to be improved to keep patrons coming back for more. Nonetheless, if you are not too picky about food, Holqa should be able to satisfy with its safe variety of food that it offers.

37 East Coast Road
Singapore 428755

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theholqacafe/


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