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Boulangerie Asanoya is a Japanese-based local bakery that had recently been brought into Singapore with much hype by Tan Chong Motors; apparently their first foray into the F&B business being better known for distributing Toyotas in Singapore.

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Being a Boulangerie, expect a variety of breads and bakes such as Danishes offered here, as well as side dishes like salads, club sandwiches sold. Interestingly they do also have various toasts topped with ice-cream available. They also serve a wide selection of beverages; from tea and coffee to alcohol. There is also an area dedicated to retail, where you can grab some preserves or even coffee-related products if you fancy.

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(Green Tea Chocolate Cube)

One of Asanoya’s specialties would be their lava cubes. We got the Green Tea Chocolate Cube, which looked quite familiar to the Bangkok Toast served at Sunday Market. Although it was a little limp considering how long it sat on the display, we were intrigued by the amount of Matcha custard it contained. Cut through the bread, and the smooth, thick Matcha custard reveals. We loved the subtle green tea flavour, though personally I would have wished it to be stronger. The chocolate bits within helped to add a hint of sweetness to the Matcha without ruining the custard’s tea aroma.

 photo IMG_2587_zpsf2019147.jpg
 photo IMG_2597_zps693de5e1.jpg

(Tomato Mozzarella)

For something more conventional (but not really that conventional), I chose the Tomato Mozzarella. Deep-fried bun encasing two juicy Cherry Tomatoes with a lining of Mozzarella underneath the bun, it was delicious, but again the limpness of the bread and cheese seemed to get in the way. We reckoned this would have turned out really good if it was fresh from the oven.

 photo IMG_2586_zpsdcbd5694.jpg

(Potato Salad with Sausages in Mustard Sauce)

Salads were available in two sizes; Petite and Regular, so we went with the Petite-sized Potato Salad with Sausages in Mustard Sauce to try their cold salads out. We could not really make out the mustard, but it was delicious with garlicky hints detected in the creamy sauce it was smothered in. Potatoes were pretty chunky, though the sausages seemed to have turned slightly stiff from sitting too long in the fridge. The Potato Salad seemed to contain cheese; we somehow were able to pull out strings from the potato salad too.

 photo IMG_2588_zps8cc6b9ec.jpg

For a Japanese bakery, we were rather impressed by the quality of the bakes, which had rather innovative flavours too. The only shortcomings came from how the bakes turned limp before being served on the plate, which does affect the overall experience. Despite so, if you are into Japanese bakes and breads, Boulangerie Asanoya is worth a visit.

Boulangerie Asanoya
Wilby Central
15 Queen Street
Singapore 188537

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lava Cube looks awesome, but pretty similar to the Coffin Toast at Eat at Taipei. A good addition to SG nonetheless. 🙂

  2. Sihan says:

    Yeh AGREED with backpackerlee, that lava cube with the oozing matcha looks very tempting. Shall make a trip there soon

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Do give it a try; I definitely enjoy it 🙂

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