The New Black – Upper Circular Road (Moved)

(This F&B establishment has moved. Scroll down to the end of the post for the new address)

With so many Third Wave coffee Movement cafes around, we have started to get a bit bored with most newly opened cafes lately that serves pretty much the same food, or even the same coffee.

 photo IMG_2444_zps05330aa4.jpg

This is why the visit to The New Black was more than just exciting. In an attempt to differentiate themselves from just being a takeaway coffee bar, they have beans roasted by various roasters across the world, with familiar names such as Nylon Coffee Roasters from Singapore and Single Origin Roasters from Australia. Brewed coffee is prepared from their Steampunk mod (similar to the ones at Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters and Dutch Colony Coffee Co. at Frankel Avenue), while their espresso-based coffee are served from taps. They also do served Brewed Teas and other sorts of teas, with the brewed ones prepared via their Steampunk mod. For those looking for small bites, The New Black also offers various croissants sourced from local bakery B.A.O.

 photo IMG_2477_zps5e2f812a.jpg

(La Bendicion)

Their staff asked me for my preferences, and we eventually came to a conclusion to try the La Bendicion by George Howell Coffee Roasters in Massachusetts, which the staff claimed is the “godfather of coffee”. Prepared via the steampunk method, cold water is first being introduced into the system, before the water is heated up. Once it is heated up, ground beans are added into the Steampunk, where steam pushes out the flavour of the coffee to extract just the right flavour profile into your cuppa. La Bendicion uses beans originating for Guatemala, and it was distinctively sweet and fruity without being any bit acidic. It was also mild creamy, and was easily one of the better cuppa I have had.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The New Black has broken the old tradition of coffee bars being dreary and boring shoebox spaces that is just for a quick grab-and-go. Not only the space is colourful and trendy, its lab-like setting makes it a very clinical space; so hygienic that they do not accept cash here, but only in payments in credit (do take note; a mistake I made without bringing a card). Be sure to observe how your coffee is being made too; its as though its a show on its own. While they have rewritten the way coffee is being made, this is a spot even serious coffee should check out.

The New Black
1 Upper Circular Road
Singapore 058400<

9 Raffles Place
Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619


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