Ah Dong Teh House – Tebing Lane (Closed)

(Ah Dong Teh House had ceased operations.)

Located in Punggol, Ah Dong Teh House is pretty hidden considering it cannot be seen from the main road.

 photo IMG_1173_zps343126b6.jpg

Ah Dong Teh House might be a Hong Kong Tea Room, but apart from Hong Kong Tea Room usuals like Gong Zai Meen, they also offer local delights such as Laksa and Hor Fun as well.

 photo IMG_1196_zps64cfdb2e.jpg

(Butter Kaya Toast)

Lately I had been on an adventure to find good Kaya Toasts in Singapore (read more about it on my Burpple account), so I thought it would be good for me to give the Butter Kaya Toast from Ah Dong Teh House a try. Its pretty decent, and ranks up pretty near or even better than Ya Kun. The toast was thick, and Kaya was fresh. Thick slabs of butter was sandwiched in the middle, which makes this simple breakfast treat somewhat sinful. Its somewhat pricey though, given that its $3.50 ala-carte, and adding coffee and eggs would set you back another $2 more.

 photo IMG_1195_zps5fbcfe73.jpg

(Sheng Mian)

My dining partner settled for the Sheng Mian. Crispy fried egg noodles served in a thick gravy that was savoury with loads of egg inside, the portion was really generous. Their variant seemed a tad light; something that I liked though my dining partner would have preferred some dark sauce added for a deeper flavour. Most of the seafood were also fresh as well. Not really the best we have tried, but better than average at the very least.

 photo IMG_1194_zps760806b7.jpg
 photo IMG_1193_zps4b9386e5.jpg

(Cheezy Pork Cutlet)

I decided to go on the western menu though, since the Cheezy Pork Cutlet reminded me of Chicken Corden Bleu. Marinated in Cajun spices, it’s savoury flavour and crispy fried batter seemed to remind me of a certain brand of Fried Chicken. Cut open the tender pork cutlet, and the melted cheese oozes out of the cutlet. Its a pity how the spectacular pork cutlet got served with pretty pedestrian fries and salad at the side, which dragged down the quality of the dish a fair bit.

 photo IMG_1197_zpsd8219f99.jpg


We also ordered Kopi, and its pretty decent as well, with sweetness from the evaporated milk which sweetened the coffee adequately. Makes a good couple with the Kaya Butter Toast!

 photo IMG_1174_zpsdee6b5f8.jpg

Ah Dong Teh House serves pretty decent food at reasonable prices. Portions are huge, especially for their Chinese cuisines, while the western ones are also of reasonable sizes. Location may seem a tad ulu, but its location away from the town centre with a fishing facility behind it does make it seem a tad different from its competitors. While its a spot I do not mind hitting, you would probably not want to head down here if you are not living anywhere near the north-east, for the food may not be impressive enough to make that long journey for.

Ah Dong Teh House
10 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828836

Web Page: http://www.ahdongtehhouse.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ahdongchacanting


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    I felt that the food is pretty decent but the sides that we ordered were a disapppintment. My recommended for drink will actually be their Mango Ice Blend!


    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Yeah the mains weren’t too bad; no sides so can’t comment on that though. But it sure makes for a good addition in Punggol!

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