The Hangar – Arab Street

The Hangar is the latest addition to the cafe scene at the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, which already has a myriad of cafes operating.

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Apparently this is not the first time The Hangar’s owner had been in the F&B scene; he previously had managed Telok Ayer cafe, Sarnies. This quite explains why the menu is largely based on salads and sandwiches; one of Sarnies niches apart from their coffee. While there was a Brunch menu that was clipped as the last page of the clipboard, we were told that it was unavailable; probably a weekend only thing as we arrived within the hours stated for brunch. For beverages there are both coffee and tea available, as well as smoothies, juices and sodas.

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(Smoky Joe)

I decided to give the Smoky Joe a try so that the other dining partners could perhaps settle on the beef and chicken sandwiches. Smoky Joe consists of Smoked Salmon, Capers, Onions, Dill and Olive Oil dressing. Generally this sandwich was rather decent, though tasted a bit too safe as though being repeated once too many. The familiar smoky, savoury slices of fresh Smoked Salmon, fresh juicy and numbing Onions were uplifting, but gave that flavour that I had expected it to be. The dressing was delicious though; it tasted very much like a sharper Tartar sauce, but not being that thick and aesthetically fattening sauce that we know of. It was more flavourful, but lighter somehow. The bread was also toasted to crispness. Overall it was delicious, but a really familiar-tasting sandwich that somehow did not justify for itself to impress the crowds.

 photo IMG_2419_zps59345bc2.jpg

(Fully Sick Sandwich)

My dining partner who initially set his eye on one of the brunch items hesitantly ordered the Fully Sick Sandwich; a Roast Chicken sandwich with Basil Pesto and Greek Yoghurt. Crisp toast aside, I really love that somehow plain-looking yet flavourful shredded chicken. It had a subtle taste, which fitted very well with the Pesto that was well-spiced with Basil and with an added bit of tartness from the Greek Yoghurt. This is a sandwich that would suit those with a light palate well, especially if they love subtle flavours that compliment each other well in all aspects.

 photo IMG_2418_zps575e9187.jpg

(Kazuya’s Katsu Special)

The other dining partner went for the Kazuya’s Katsu Special, which was a Chicken Katsu sandwich with Wasabi Mayo dressing. This was hands-down the best sandwich out of the three; coming with a huge slab of chicken that was lightly pan-fried to crisp on the exterior and marinated in Teriyaki Sauce, it tasted really Japanese, with that sweet-savoury marination going rather deep into the meat. While not being deep-fried, we thought The Hangar’s iteration of Katsu was rather crisp for its own execution, and the meat was also juicy and tender. Add on that mild yet numbing Wasabi Mayo, the combination literally was mind-blowing, and even the dining partner who had the Fully Sick Sandwich because he did not fancy Wasabi gave his approval!

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(Flat White)

The Hangar uses El Salvador beans for their coffee here. We ordered their Flat White, pretty heavy-bodied with earthy, chocolatey notes which were bold and rather solid. Perfect for a wake-me-up cuppa!

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Kampong Glam may be home to many cafes, but I guess it still has the space for The Hangar to grow. The sandwiches here do have their own flair and have unique Western-Asian influences, setting them apart from the rest of the competition in the area. Coffee also seems to be rather solid, and since they are one of the few which opens early at 8am in the morning this makes it a spot to consider for that morning takeaway cuppa. Service is generally fine though there comes the usual “just-opened” jitters; the occasional forgotten orders and slightly slow food though was rectified almost instantly and quite bearable. Probably they would need more time to smooth things out, but I think I would definitely be back some day; I must, and I really must have that Kazuya’s Katsu Special some day … … all to myself.

The Hangar
25 Arab Street
Singapore 199724

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