The Cold Pantry – Rangoon Road (Moved)

(The Cold Pantry has moved to 88 Rangoon Road and has ceased operations at 131 Rangoon Road. Updated address is listed at the end of the post.)

Froyo seems to be the up and coming trend, with more yogurt specialty stores opening up in various corners of Singapore.

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The Cold Pantry opens up in the Farrer Park vicinity, taking up Liberty Coffee’s old space. There seems to be quite a bit of a makeover done to the quaint-yet-modern space; it is now more colourful and seemed a tad livelier, seemed more younger as opposed the mature space it had been. Menu is pretty limited, featuring Froyo in a small variety of flavours, cakes and tarts.

 photo IMG_2115_zps0ef4a95c.jpg

(Movie Date)

I ordered the Movie Date; the only choice available if you opt for a standard Froyo base. The Cold Pantry serves up interesting Froyo with unconventional toppings; Movie Date comes with Cheesy Nachos, Popcorn, Banana and Chocolate Sauce. I found the flavour combination of Froyo and Popcorn particularly interesting; that sweet-savoury taste of the kernels went surprisingly well with the slight sourness of the Froyo, while Banana and Chocolate Sauce was a classic duo that never goes wrong. Cheesy Nachos were a decent combination, though falls short when compared to the popcorn; basically one would have finished all the Froyo by the time they reach them, and the combination, if any, was just less outstanding overall though still fine in general.

 photo IMG_2114_zps6c79d885.jpg

(Lemon Cheesecake)

A small selection of cakes were also available; I went with the Lemon Cheesecake, which has a tinge of lemon zest in the light yet creamy cheesecake mousse. The crumble base was also fragrant; slight sweet, slight salty, but I did not really like how crumbly it was as it was shattered into bits and pieces upon being cut and was rather impossible to pick up. Maybe a more firm base for the cheesecake and it would be really better.

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Froyo may be one of the latest trends now, and given the uprising of many Froyo specialty stores in Singapore, it would be interesting to see how standalone Froyo stores such as The Cold Pantry would fare in the long run. One thing for sure though; The Cold Pantry serves pretty creative and daring combinations of Froyo, but it needs to serve a larger variety as the menu is rather limited. Let’s hope to see them having a larger variety of creative desserts soon!

The Cold Pantry
131 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218409

The Cold Pantry
88 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218374

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