Ollie Cafe – Orchard Gateway

Orchard Gateway had gave Orchard Road a myriad of new dining concepts, ranging from Korean cuisine to Italian fare. Ollie Cafe gives the shoppers an option when it comes to all-day breakfast.

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Being a cafe, apart from serving usual suspects for all-day breakfast such as Eggs Benedict, the Full Works and the uncommon Sabsouka, they also have items such as salads and burgers on their menu.

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(Cheesy Quattro)

I met up with a few friends who we had not met after graduating from polytechnic, and we had decided to order the Cheesy Quattro fries. This side apparently came slightly after my order of French Toast came, which was quite strange. The hand-cut chips were crisp and barely greasy, filled with potato. They were good by their own, coming with a whiff of truffle aroma without the usual grease that comes with Truffle Fries. Dip it in the sinful four cheese dip which power-packed with cheesiness, a great item to order if you are a fan of cheese fries.

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(Ollie’s Signature Salad)

My dining partner was contemplating if she should have a burger or a salad. She eventually chose the latter and went for the Ollie’s Signature Salad which has avocado, pickles, beetroot, chicken chunks, toast, capsicum, tomato confit and a 63-degree Sous Vide egg. Everything went well together, and while my friend was pretty satisfied by it, we were disappointed by how the egg turned out. Poking the egg with a fork, the yolk seemed overcooked as it remained stiff and failed to flow. We also felt the toast seemed rather out of place here, and could have been replaced with croutons so it could integrate better with the salad.

 photo IMG_2168_zps22f34221.jpg

(French Toast)

My order of the French Toast arrived way earlier than the rest, even before the Cheesy Quattro came. I found this pretty decent, but given how many places serve French Toast in such a manner it lacked to surprise me. Egg soaked Brioche topped with bananas, strawberry and maple cream, the flavour just seemed a bit too predictable, though the Brioche could be soaked in the egg batter longer so as to absorb deeper into the bread.

 photo IMG_2166_zpsf65e444b.jpg

(Plain Jane)

The other dining partner ordered the Plain Jane, which is a simple burger with vegetables, cheese and a choice of beef or chicken patty, which she chose the latter, and a side of fries. The burger felt pretty standard but decent, though the size of the patty was rather huge and thick. Patty was done rather well; adequately firm and moist and well-marinated. Fries were no different from the ones served with the Cheesy Quattro, which came with the same light aroma of truffle.

 photo IMG_2169_zpsad46e1c2.jpg

(Flat White)

Ollie Cafe uses blends from Dutch Colony Coffee Co for their coffee. The Flat White was evident with the blend’s signature fruity body, yet ending with an earthy finish.

 photo IMG_2140_zps5617621b.jpg

To be truthful, I find it difficult to like cafes located within shopping malls as opposed to those set up in individual shophouses as such cafes usually feels a tad commercialised and just not as outstanding in terms of execution of their food and drinks. Ollie Cafe might not have rewritten that statement, but the food is slightly beyond what I had expected, and though not impressive, is generally decent for its price. We were a bit doubtful of the service though; there comes the occasional slip-ups when it comes to food serving at the table and the forgetful waiter that took a while to fetch a fork after another staff handed one to us. But apart from that, Ollie Cafe is a fine place to dine at, and makes for a great option if you are on the lookout for good brunch that is within a mall.

Ollie Cafe
Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ollie-Cafe/1618004835093140


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