Revelry – Lorong Kilat

Lorong Kilat is seeing a revamp with new cafes moving in to the stretch previously known for delectable Korean fare and names such as Carpenter & Cook and Nook DIY Pancakes.

 photo IMG_2228_zps82dae430.jpg

Revelry’s menu revolves around waffles, so expect a wide variety of sweet and savoury waffles along with plated dessert and cakes. They serve Gryphon Tea and coffee is brewed by blends from Allpress Espresso from New Zealand.

 photo IMG_2213_zpseb68b095.jpg

(Classic Fries with Dip)

For a side, we decided to go for the Classic Fries and Dip. The fries felt a wee bit familiar, seemingly similar to McDonald’s fries but without the grease and salt. Dip was interesting; we could taste that signature flavour of lemongrass with every bite.

 photo IMG_2212_zpsd165307c.jpg

(Waffles Royale)

Craving for poached eggs, the Waffles Royale was a clear choice as it came with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon. Eggs were flowy, and drenched the waffle when broken. As it was a savoury waffle, the waffle batter seemed to be light in taste, lacking in any form of buttermilk or eggy flavours. As such, it the light waffle went rather well with the cured flavour of the smoked salmon, though the hollandaise seemed a tad blander. Still, it was a great fusion of a waffle with a classic breakfast plate.

 photo IMG_2216_zpse4a011c2.jpg

(Stylo Milo)

Stylo Milo is a Milo-flavoured cheesecake, and seemed to be one of those supplied by Cat and The Fiddle which also supplies their cheesecakes to other cafes. Coated with Milo powder, it felt like it was a well-mixed Milo Dinosaur atop a light, smooth cheesecake with a texture akin to a mousse. Mix the fresh cream with the top layer and it tastes just like Milo; pretty interesting indeed.

 photo IMG_2203_zpsa7add9f7.jpg

(Flat White)

Flat White was decent; medium-bodied with chocolatey notes detected. Not the best, but still decent.

 photo IMG_2229_zpsd4623837.jpg

Many cafes in Singapore serves waffles, but apart from the few which specialises in Waffles, there is not many out there that serves waffles that is out of the ice-cream or fresh fruit pairing spectrum. Revelry has some pretty cool concepts in their versions of savoury and sweet waffles; something that differentiates itself from the competition and also attracts waffle-lovers to give them a visit. It would be interesting to see how Revelry would fare with the neighbouring cafes, especially with many more upcoming ones nearby that are in the midst of renovations.

21 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598123

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