Dosirak – China Square Central

Its always in the CBD area that creative F&B spots seemed to pop up, focusing very much on convenient, yet healthy eats.

 photo IMG_2070_zpsbc3d7c0c.jpg

Dosirak takes on the concept of Bibimbap, serving convenient take outs of mix-and-match Bibimbap that is below 500kcal per serving. Choose your carbs, vegetables and finally your desired protein. When it is finally ready, pour in your desired amount of Bibimbap sauce and give it a good shake to mix them well and you are good to go!

 photo IMG_2108_zps1f5f09d2.jpg

(Spicy Dakgogl)

I was feeling a tad lazy so I decided to order the pre-decided combination. The Spicy Dakgogl is has chicken, spinach, carrots, shitake mushroom, tofu and onions. Give them a good mix and it instantly becomes a Bibimbap-to-go. It tasted pretty much like a Bibimbap generally, though the chicken bits seemed a tad too soft for my liking and because it is being served in a paper cup than a stone pot, the temperature seemed more towards lukewarm. Nonetheless if you are craving for a Bibimbap, this serves as a rather attractive option especially for the office workers in the area.

 photo IMG_2107_zps2a252e6f.jpg

Mix-and-match concepts had actually been around for quite some time now, but Dosirak is definitely the first to use the Bibimbap for such a concept. It seems to hit off with me, but I am not certain if many would fine it a good idea for there are certain tradeoffs for it. But one thing is certain though; it indeed makes for an interesting dining option for the office workers in the CBD.

China Square Central
18 Cross Street
Singapore 048423

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